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Many who voted SF the time before,

How do you know so much Tumbles… I do be amazed at your vast amount of knowledge… You are wasted on this site…

Well, in the 2016 election, the SF candidate got 8,100 votes, so even if you were to assume every single one of the crazy bitches 1,000 first preferences this time around were SF voters, that’s still only 12.5% of SF voters last time around voting for her this time around. So while A) you have absolutely zero way of knowing who voted for who, B) you’re also talking complete shite. Again.

It is amusing to me in the midst of other things.

I know so much because I was part of things you never were regarding republicanism, for one.

You are typical of one of the newbies who have no idea of what it was all about and have bought into the narrative of the carpet baggers and touts and traitors.

Lots of people died for this bollox.

100% correct, and now there’s nobody dying. What’s your problem?


“I just hope there is no afterlife because if people fought and died for this It is going to seem even more ridiculously futile”

Well the same could be said of the people who died in 1916 and the ensuing war of independence and Civil War… They certainly didn’t die for what we have today…

I wrote a song about Frank Stagg in 1974… How is that for your so called newbe!!!

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the ceasefire could have been maintained without shredding everything the republican movement stood for- i’d say there’s a fair chance that’s the problem.

Two days after abstaining from a vote of no confidence the leader of FF has said he has no confidence in the housing policy and a FF TD has said he will vote against the government in the next such vote.

These people are utter parasites and anyone voting for them is a fucking utter moron. ■■■■■.

And they bank on their voters being utter morons. It’s factored in. Your idiocy has been counted upon. And banked. ■■■■■.


Brave Frank Stag? I heard stories about him. I’m from not far away from where he lived.

From Hollymount… sorry it was 1976 I wrote it…

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They’ll probably make you a Senator.

As you know, there was a huge scandal involving his body being flown back to Ireland. Disgracefully the government conned the family, switched airports at the last minute and then buried him in Robeen instead of the Republican cemetery in Ballina where Frank wished to be buried.

Until, the a family member and friends (or IRA depending on who you believe)dug him up and buried him in Ballina.

Well worth a read for anyone not familiar with the story.

Yes it was disgraceful… The Govt buried him in concrete… Reading only recently where they done the same with four hunger strikers in the forties… They had threatened them during the strike that they would give them an unchristian funeral… And that’s exactly what they did… Hijacked the bodies and buried them secretly without family in attendance… Why oh why did they, and still do hate Republicans when they claim to be one’s themselves… We have a very, very sad history because of the forced connection with the British…

Jeez I’m flattered Tumbles… Do you think I’d make a good Senator?.. Ah you’re only messing, aren’t you?


tying people to landmines and setting them off for example, some of them children or little more. perfidious trumped by paddy when it comes to that kind of shit.

One of the Wolfe Tones kids was made a Senator. Fked over lots of long time candidates, but sure not that any of the carpetbaggers are going to give a fart about that,

Anyone who has history with them and is still around is either doing well out of it or is a fkn imbecile.

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Is there anything else goes on Irish politics without you bringing in your obvious personal stuff with SF… You have hijacked this thread… Now I’ll ask you for the third time - what did you think of Varadker canvassing with Verona Murphy?