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Ciarán Murphy from Second Captains talks about how the Dubs are actually likeable:

The writers and other experts give their predictions for Championship 2016:

Seán Moran talking about our favourite subject; why the likes of Leitrim can’t compete with the Dubs:

Keith Duggan focuses on Jim Gavin & how he goes about his business, this is a really good read:

Jonny Cooper subscribing to the “tell them nothing” policy:

I really enjoy the forecasts for the coming season . I remember reading them throughout the 00’s and being really frustrated Dublin were rarely picked .

Duggan isn’t a bad writer though the Jim Gavin piece seemed to be leaning heavily on people who can’t and don’t really know JG (not many do) and were just giving opinion - which are about as valid as my local butcher’s … and he’s from Meath.

In the middle of the article he threw in Dublin’s ‘fund-raising sprees’. Seriously I am not aware of these. Can anyone throw any light on this??

Maybe we had a fund raising gig when the lads headed to the States after the AI win last year . We might just be a bit more discreet then Kerry when we do ours . I mean how much more money do we need with all the sponsorship , endorsements , grants , training facilities been built for “us” …

Was there not a night at the dog races with the funds going to the players? Think this was organised by Gavin.

That’s hardly a fund raising spree …

Ya reckon - guess you weren’t there so :wink: What kind of money has to be raised to make it a fund raising spree?

It was more of a drinking spree so!! I think that’s for the player’s holiday fund.

But I’m not against all this being put on the table - along with the massive fundraising in other counties and exactly where it goes. Let’s have transparency. You can’t be raising hundreds of thousands and crying about no grassroots funding …

It will never be put on the table. Most of it is raised by “Friends of” Dublin, Cork, Kerry, Donegal, Mayo, etc. How else do you think the managers “expenses” are paid. These groups are not reportable to the authorities within the GAA.

I know that Niceday - the point is it should be out there. There are some teams probably spending more on their senior teams than us.

The money we get from HQ that they whine about is fully transparent - back into the grassroots, turning us into the monsters we are. Now they are talking about taking it off us because we have sponsorship and giving it to these counties who have no structures in place, thus it would be squandered, and who have no questions asked or accountability about where their ‘unofficial funding’ goes.

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Aidan needs to keep on keeping on in footballer of the year form if Mayo are to have any chance of ending the 65 year wait for Sam Maguire, which has included seven All-Ireland final defeats.

Footballer of the Year form? Like seriously …

Third fav ,cough , could be worth a punt , cough

Darragh says he has been the best he has ever been so far this summer. JMG said he was playing great too I think. His role has certainly changed and I think it has cleverly addressed one of the big issues with him, and the team. Not expected to be the great hero anymore. I think they have managed to hit the right note with him. He looked fitter in the last game too.

Interesting analysis into the 2 freetakers for the final. Rock has had a 93% success rate this season (and the three he missed were beyond the 45).
O’Connor’s success rate is 66%…

There are times I wish Declan had taken that free against Armagh instead of Cozzie. Nice read.

Another article on how Mayo beats Dublin. Coming in fast and furious.

DOSE is hoping like the rest of the country. Funny though it never bothered him when Kerry where bateing lumps out of them.

Extremely lazy section on how to deal with Cian O’Sullivan. No mention of Dubs rotating their backs when Mayo invariably drop back a forward.