Is an all Ireland a necessity?

In wake of our minor and u21 Leinster hurling success this week I’ll ask the question is an all Ireland title at these levels, 1 or both, a necessity in order to push on at senior?

In the last 10 years I think we’ve landed 4 Leinster titles at each level and it’s no doubt improved the standard of the senior team. But the seniors seem as far away as ever from landing an all Ireland. Will that only happen when we land one at minor and 21 or is it enough to just keep producing the standard of player we’ve been doing and hope it all comes together at senior?

Would landing an all Ireland at minor/21 just give us the belief that we could win Liam?

I think an underage all Ireland would be absolutely huge for Dublin hurling

Massive yes definitely but if we never win one at minor or 21 will that damage our chances of ever landing the senior?

Yep I think it would, there’s certainly still an inferiority complex around Dublin hurling, and that includes within the players. Until that changes we won’t win a senior all Ireland. But winning one at underage would go a long long way to improve that. Although at the same time there’s no use winning an underage all Ireland if you then can’t get out of Leinster for the next 2/3 years

100 percent. never believe the rubbish that you don’t need to win anything at underage level.

Dublin’s u21 successes have been the bedrock of the success from 2011 to 2015.

I think its unlikely to happen before underage success. Your hoping for an anomaly in the championship otherwise when the big counties bow out early. Its something that has happened in the recent past and if we improve its not beyond possibility if it happens again but its unlikely nonetheless.

Underage success is not just a confidence booster, its a firm idea that you have the players to compete with the best. I’d argue underage success is more important in hurling than football too.

No doubt about it! Winning an under age All Ireland (Particularly an Under 21) would breed the confidence needed to make the break through at senior level! Kilkenny already have that confidence just like our senior footballers. So under age success for them while helpful for bringing new players though. Its not vital from a physiological view point. But for a team like Dublin hurlers it is vital 100%.

It would be great for what it is but it would guarantee nothing, just have to look at Limericks’s u21 three in a row or the number of underage titles Galway have won.