Is Bart back?

If he is, is it the real Bart

Hmmm, the prospect is mouthwatering. Oh wait, I thought you were talking about Beaver…

Sorry to disappoint you all but I seised the chance and grabbed an iconic username, I’ll be nowhere as confrontational as the man himself​:joy::joy::joy:

Ahhhhhh jayus :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

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Ah jaysus, an impersonator

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Just for duping us like that, we should ban you on the spot!


Sorry about that, I’m sure you will see a distinctive style of posting in the near future that will identify the man himself when he registers😉

Bart to come back as Hugo


Well now we have bleedin’ hearts for likes, it wouldn’t hurt to have a Kick In The Ass button.

Grabs pitchfork


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At least it has generated discussion and that we would all like to see Bart back, he can even have his username back if the Mods can arrange!!!

So who are you then?

Are you new or did you have another name on the old site?

bongoslaw. They always come back.

Was here before. Different username.

Aren’t you the great detective not​:joy::joy::joy: do you want my DOB, Address, marital status et all??? It’s anonymous for a reason…

Guessing F here … PD?

It’s not a game gents.

Ah its Rochey trying to be clever with an alt , he came back when Bart departed and has now taken his soul , his name , there can now be no reincarnation for brother Bart. Its handy having two alts here Rochey :wink::wink:


Who IS this mysterious superhero? Rosemary, the typist???