Is every club created equally in the eyes of Croke Park?

Is every club treated equally? Interesting article from Paul Rouse

.Go closer to home - is every club in Dublin treated equally in the eye’s of Parnell Park?


thats exactly what the article is about. Contrast between Kevins and NaFianna is given.

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There has been a few other interventions also.

Someone want to summarise??? Not registering to read and be plagued by emails from them.

Greenspace is a premium in Dublin. The GAA are selective in who they support. Eg. When Na Fianna were threatened by the temporary loss of green space the GAA rowed in begind the presidents club. But when one of the oldest clubs in Dublin who are located in the inner city need assistance the GAA are nowhere to be seen.

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Think two different senarios in fairness and would have to question why one the oldest clubs in dublin has no facilities ?


Is that pitch(all weather multi sport one) being built by the government on the town side of the canal?

TSS are redeveloping Dolphin park. It seems that it will be a far better place than it is now.


The adults will have a state of the art gym and video analysis room, but unfortunately it will reduce capacity for kids and they have refused on a number of occasions to provide Kevin’s with a lease. Verbal commitments only. The 2 clubs are growing (Kevin’s is one of the top 10 growing hurling clubs in Dublin and TSS will be effectively setting up a new club in the area as their 1000 members are not from the locality) and more space is needed, not less. Concrete will be poured on much more than 15% that their professional PR firm are spinning.

Are you referring to the pitch that might be built in St Teresa’s Gdns in 2022? It will be a multi purpose pitch shared amongst a lot of clubs. Marrowbone Lane site was rezoned to allow houses be built on the other potential pitch.

It’s a combination of a number of factors. Over 30 GAA clubs have been established and gone out of business in the Kevins area since the foundation of the Dublin GAA. Other clubs like Commercials and Faughs have survived and grown but they had to move to the suburbs to do so. There are actually no pitches for any sport in the core catchment area, not just GAA. The question is do kids in the south inner city have the same rights as others?

What % of TSS players/members would be from Dublin 8?

Total crap.dolphin park is in Dublin 12. Tss has players from Dublin 8,12&6.

What total crap?? My question was nothing to do with pitch location? I presume Synge Street would have recruited from Dublin 8 before the amalgamation with Templeogue.

What am I missing here, TSS members all seem fully onboard with this redevelopment and it looks very impressive so what’s the problem? They do own the ground so if they’re happy with what’s being proposed I don’t get the negative comments.

There are members of the current TSS club from Dublin 8 but I reckon very few. Mostly lads in their 40s + who played with the original past pupils club. At a guess I reckon it’s less than 10%. Prior to the amalgamation Synge St only recruited from Synge St school. Local kids from Dublin 8 couldn’t play if they didn’t go to Synger. When the numbers declined in the school so too did the club. They eventually opened it to other CBS schools in Dublin 8 that were regarded as feeder schools to Synge St Secondary but it was a bit late. They folded and merged with Templeogue around 99. They have started a nursery in Dolphin Pk recently. Hopefully it goes well as the kids in the south inner city haven’t seen a Gaelic football club in a long time. But with the two clubs growing there will be major capacity issues.


The problem is for Kevin’s hurling club that they won’t have sufficient space to train their teams.

But if there’s an All Weather training area and floodlights surly there is more hours available to train in Dolphin Park than there was before?

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Where were Commercials originally from?