Is the Blanket dead?

Philly Jordan and Declan Bogue put this better than me…but the effect of this year’s semi-final may be felt for years to come.

A Tyrone team that breezed through Ulster with record scores - which took years in the planning - was taken apart by Dublin in minutes. A grand design up in smoke and the worst defeat under MH.

As Philly Jordan put it, Tyrone were going to get beat out of the gate no matter what system they used. But it’s whether a system that delivers in Ulster can have any currency outside of it.

It’s more complex than a binary defensive or attack. Without decent forwards, no team is going to win no mater how attacking they are.

But maybe if more time was spent developing attacking players, you might have more chance. I still can’t understand why a multi-£ development site in Gervaghey can’t produce at least 2 or 3 good forwards.

The worst aspect of it…from an ulster context…is that the other counties lag behind Tyrone.

It may take more than Dublin to do it for the penny to drop. When mayo played keep ball to win by a point last year it was dismissed for various reasons, Dublin played lots of keep ball on Sunday.

You need the likes of Kildare or Meath to do it to an Ulster team or else everyone will just say it’s the dubs, shrug the shoulders and keep going.

Blanket defence is now officially dead. Dublin showed by not taking the ball into contact up the middle the whole system collapsed. In 2011 Pat Gilroy showed Donegal that by holding your own HB line in position it negates the counter attack. The problem with defensive football is that it is so inflexible that players cant get there head into playing a different way. Tyrone and Mickey harte have two choices start again and play football or persist with the system and get a beating from Dublin, kerry and Mayo in the future.