Is there a useful purpose in Dubstars games

Just wondering is there a useful purpose in the holding of the annual Dubstars games. The games are played on January 1st which is not the best day for going to a match and usually results in a poor crowd. A lot of players don’t show up for the game, some didn’t even bother to turn up to collect their awards ( see picture in Herald last week), with teams filled by players from the host club who are completely out of their depth when marking county panel players. Playing two games on any grass pitch at the turn of the year is madness and only highlights the danger of injury especially to a Dublin player who probably doesn’t want to be at the game.
I think the Dubstars games have run their course. Keep the awards but stop the games. Any views?

You are correct. The answer is no. There was a fierce ring around last year to fill teams. Having it on January 1st makes it even less appealing for players who get little enough time off as it is…

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Yeah the game is gone a bit of a joke. Even Rochey got a call.

I stopped going after it was in Parnells - is it 3 years ago? For a spectator, the games are an ordeal. They’re not competitive or interesting - Dublin v Dublin? It was once a nice idea like the Railway Cup but maybe time for something else - maybe challenge games v Meath & Killkenny? I know that might not be great either but it would get a crowd going?

People are itching for things to go to at this time of year … but not matches where no one is really trying.

The award is enough.

players don’t need to play in a game for something they have already proved worthy of.

I was told by one recent Blue Stars manager that if the team had been breathalyased beforehand it would have blown the gauge off the charts.

Anyone on the Blue Stars is either already on the Dublin panel or has tried and failed . It is not a game any self respecting Dublin manager takes stock of.

Why not just let players enjoy New Year Eve. They give up enough weekends as it is