Jayo RTE 1 tonight 21:30

Documentary about the man himself On RTE 1 tonight at 21:30 looks an interesting watch.


His autobiography is very interesting. Lots in it about wanting to be part of a community and the effects of bullying. Also some generally interesting stuff about his basketball, soccer and hurling exploits and the impact of certain coaches. Hopefully the documentary goes into the non GAA stuff.

Super goal from Jayo against Laois :+1:

How I’d love us to do a reversed “Startled Earwigs” on the Yerras in the Championship. Just once I’d love to see us to absolutely destroy the ***** in the Championship. Please God it’s next year :pray:

Great doc, fair play to Jayo. It’s great seeing the sports highlights and Jayo’s thoughts on it all but I really enjoyed the last part about his father. Must be hard to let a camera in to see those moments.

Meath did just that to them but it was years ago. Paidi was manager of Kerry at the time. Galway won the final. Kerry don’t often get trounced.

Yep. The bauld Eamon Fitz was sent off the same day. Sat on the sideline between the dugouts Cusack side, wouldnt go back to the Kerry bench.

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Enjoyed that. His life wasn’t a rosy as it appeared even with all the attention he got . Nice to know he found peace about his demons regarding his father .

Great insight and the personal stuff at the end was very compelling . I remember the charity game in Croker a few days after winning 95 All Ireland and there was a massive crowd , think Marty or Michaèl were commentating across the speakers and it got blown up early as several hundred kids broke into the pitch and everyone of them went straight for him . Good times …


Good documentary - I still think jayo’s sporting legacy might be remembered as much for his coaching role he has right now with the dubs as he had as a player. He’s a brilliant coach.

Unlike most others, I preferred the first part, thought he was very honest about how he felt as a kid growing up and also about his career with the dubs and his dissapointment at being dropped. On the other hand I thought the meeting with the brother and talking in the temple seemed a bit staged, almost vergng on a reality show.

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Agree. The half brother looked and acted as if he had little or no interest whatsoever in being there. Probably not the best way to organize a first meeting in situation like that.

Thought it was good documentary overall. However if you’ve read his book there was nothing new. In fact the documentary only touched the surface around some of the racist stuff he had to put up with and didn’t mention at all the incident with the DCB ‘member’!

He’s a good character Sherlock. Have always rated him for his intelligence as a footballer, liked him for the charisma he has and the fact he’s brought something different into the GAA.

Remember it well. Meath hammered Kerry and then Galway eased past Meath. It was one one of the strangest moments I’ve experienced. I was also on driver duty for the Kerry game… a lot of quiet Kerry people in my car that day.


Enjoyed the programme overall, especially the stuff about post '95 which was a good insight. But the last bit with half brother and father’s ashes felt a bit strange.

Also noticeable every club he played for (Rivermount, Kevins, St Vincents Basketball, even Ballyhea in Cork) got a good mention but nothing about Na Fianna

Nothing about Plunketts either. But you can t fit everything in. There s plenty of people who Sherlock mentions in his book as influential in his life ,Dessie Farrell for eg who did nt feature either. Interesting to see the piece with him essentially saying farewell to the minor team he was coaching. On these pages he was slated off for failing to turn up for their final match of the season but it now seems that was pre arranged.

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Wasn’t the presentation on the pitch that day as the Hogan was under construction?

Eh ?

Did it include his two late goals against Longford in the O’Byrne Cup?

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He wasn’t there for the shield semi final. He was there for the final with the camera team in tow.

I am told it did not go down well with players or parents for obvious reasons.

There’s a lot to like about Sherlock. And he was certainly treated appallingly in some ways by some officials. But someone above said he’s a brilliant coach. That remains to be seen in mine and others’ opinions.

Unlike the Offaly doc this one seemed as if it was being directed. I prefer the more off the cuff ones.


I’d imagine the thing about these things, especially when it about an individual, the producers want to spice it up, if you refuse to, well they are probably not interested.