Jayo RTE 1 tonight 21:30

You’d wonder then would people be better off saying no. I just found myself wondering why Sherlock would do something like this. Beyond whatever he was paid, which I doubt was very much.

Suppose it depends on each individual, but it happens in most sporting biographys also, you will always get the juicy bits, gambling, drink, women, our breaking up opponents and a lot is highly exaggerated

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All the evidence and indeed results has shown that Sherlock’s coaching has being top notch since he got involved in 2015 as the primary forward coach

Coming up with a innovative pattern of forward play to get around blanket defenses, Working a system of forward play that ends up with the right player taking a shot st the right time with very few wides .Working goal chances … . None of that happens by accident

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I’d be looking more at his achievements when in charge.

Be interesting to see how he goes with Castleknock minors next year.

In fairness folks talked about coaching not managing.

Fair enough.

Fair enough I ll take your word for it.


You really don’t know your arse from your elbow.

So he’s not managing Castleknock next year?

No - management has already been selected end October/start of November.

Well well well. People posting stuff on here that’s not true. Who would have thought it :grin:.

I read it elsewhere as well. You’d wonder who starts rumours like that and why.

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I thought it was excellent.
But is there some law that Marty feckin Morrissey has to appear somewhere in a GAA documentary ?
The part in South Africa was awkward all right but it I suppose it would be difficult for most people to have a camera rolling as you meet a half brother for the first time and from a different background.

From reading his book he only started playing with Na Fianna when he got the call up for the Dublin minors. Then he transferred to Plunketts when he was older. He actually played with Erins Isle initially…

But thats the thing, surely he didnt have to wait for a documentary to come around to go and meet his half brother or see his fathers ashes, that is why I came away with feeling that was just staged to suit the makers demands.

They’re over due a hiding in the Championship then :grin::grin:

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That’s a fairly shit comment tbh.
His father was murdered . Do you think this whole thing was set up so people would have sympathy for him or something . It was apparent from the documentary that this was a huge deal for him . It could actually have been the basis for the documentary in the beginning for all we know.

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That’s a hell a lot if transfers, if the paperwork went through for all, particularly Ballyhea :wink:

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I think Erin’s Isle was a brief appearance at u10. It appears Ballyhea was his real first club. But he had to declare being illegal due to him living in Dublin and getting the call up for the Dubs. Seems fierce complicated.

I dont thing you get what I mean. I seriously doubt the scene where he was talking in the temple was the first time he had been there, moreso a reenactment of something he had done, the same with his brother, I doubt very much what we saw was the first actul meeting. In no way am I suggesting that Jayo was not effected throughout his life by his personal problems.

Id say from the awkwardness of the meeting , it was the first time they met . As for the bit in the temple , looked fairly sincere to me .