Jayo RTE 1 tonight 21:30

Not really, at U10 he should have been registered with Erins Isle and required a transfer out!! Appeared to be playing illegally in Ballyhea and then had to declare his “errors” to save his ass going forward!

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It’s not the Kardashians

I highly doubt they got him to do it all again just for a camera.


Perhaps by the letter of the law… By my estimation it was early 1980s, his father wasn’t on the scene and he was struggling with his identity and was subjected to bullying cos of the way he looked. I doubt getting registered with Isles was one of his priorities as a 9/10 yr old :thinking:

Fair play to him obviously had tough times growing up and took him a good long time to come to peace with himself. Thought it was a good programe overall and seems like a good man to have involved coaching young lads, noticeable before the final against 2018 it was Con,O’Callaghan, Howard and Murchan is sought out to give encouragement to.

Found an old snap of the 1994 Minor team, ran into a good Galway team that year in the semi final and were unlucky Ian Robertson and Ciaran Whelan were two of the stand out players from that team that did manage to come through.



Any other names? I recognize the chap beside Whelo in the back row, but his name escapes me… He played for BSJ then Crokes (when BSJ broke up) and centre back for senior hurlers. He attended Colaiste Eoin. Himself and his older brother were solid players.

Below was Dublin team that was beaten by Galway in semi. Eamon McLouglin was good player on that team. Went to play soccer with UCD.

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Tomás O’Donohue is the lad I was thinking of from Crokes. Didn’t realize David Stynes was in that team. That was the younger of the Stynes from Boden. I had the displeasure of marking him one day when he was stuck in corner forward in a minor game. How he didn’t score I don’t know, but I reckon it’s the most I ever ran in a football game… didn’t recognize him in the photo as all I saw that day was the back of his head :joy::joy::joy:


Not having a go at Jayo, just found it strange that somebody would have intimate words with their dead father in front of tv cameras. So I kind of assumed he was more or showing how he felt when it happened . That being said I have no idea and as regards Jayo one of my all time favs and everytime I met him when my kids were kids he was great for photos and signing jerseys etc.

In his book he mentioned that he didn’t go to the funeral and didn’t speak to that side of the family since but had regretted his response. His book was launched last yr. Assume the documentary was made after that so it seems plausible (albeit a bit strange that it was done on camera) that it was genuine. Jayo has grown up with the media While it’s strange to some, it may not be to someone who grew up in the media spotlight.

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Mcloughlin is now an agent with the sports management company run by Fintan Drury.

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Yep I agree, mine was just an opinion on the documentary, at no point did I say or think Jayo did anything wrong.

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I meant the semi final when he was sent off.

Aye - I think everything was based on the Cusack side that year? I was at semi and final and my abiding memory is a Meath player who was misunderstood clearing off to the dressing rooms and not waiting for the presentation.

Second from left in the front row is Joseph Woods from Clann Mhuire.

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Look at the Galway team and how many went on to win all Ireland’s, M Donnellan,Derek Savage Padraic Joyce to name but 3 , no shame losing to that team. I can see 6 of the 98 team at least there I think.

As in the minors knew when his tenure was finishing . I m not suggesting that the criticism on here was pre arranged .

I may have started this debate, but I was talking about how a documentary was made, Jayo has been a role model for any player that ever got involved in gaa. On a side note Keith Galvin was a another hero of 95 only a kid at the time but had a huge year to push the rest over the line. Murchan looks like a blast from the past. Great olayers where ability shows up the rest


That was the end of that Meath team, very unexpected. Joyce and either Ja or Donnellan destroyed Meath in the second half.
This after da Royal’s demolition job on the Kingdom. But what hot lost in the very rare emergence (in that era) of the Meath overhype was that Kerry, reigning champions after an epic championship in which they came through two massive battles and replays in the last two games to win.

They were already looking half-hosed in 2001 by the very fact they allowed Dublin take them to a close replay in another massive tie and following that in hindsight they were clearly burnt out.

In previous years the Qtr Final didn’t exist, Kerry would’ve played Meath in the semi and probably lost after a big battle. Galway would’ve beaten the Lillies who were, as usual, over-hyped, and Meath would’ve gone into the final less hyped up than the way it happened in reality. But Galway probably would’ve still won.

Would Dublin, with no back door, have played differently in the Léinster Final and especially the replay??

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Admire him for being as open as he was , didn’t exactly paint himself in a good light at times with comments like I didn’t desert Dublin they deserted me , all that said I will allways remember him for what he did in the jersey not an hours documentary

Malachy Clerkin wrote an article about the documentary. Said that that part wasn’t planned, speaking to the ashes was sprung in him by the monk fella.