JAZZ Music!

A wide palette to choose from.
I do realise that the contributors to this thread may well be limited to Dermo and the ubiquitous 2 persons and a dog … but there will be a warm welcome here for those wishing to push the musical boat out a bit, into new and unchartered waters and share their favourite Jazz tracks. :musical_note:

Indian Lady by Don Ellis…the live version!

Norah Jones, Live at Ronnie Scott’s, two years ago, great gig

Does jazz-rock count? I’ve always liked John Mcloughlin and the Mahavisnu Orchestra, stuff like that. Recently I’ve been listening to different artists on the ECM label as their albums are produced to a very high quality. Great guitarists like Pat Methany and John Abercrombie…never really listened to them before but I’m hooked now.

The Resser’s Speakeasy does indeed have a few Jazz aficionados after all ! :grinning:
I have not heard that Don Ellis track before sonlooking forward to giving it a spin.
@Snowcat - Miles Davis held John McLaughlin in such esteem that he named one of the tracks on the seminal Bitches Brew after him … so hard to argue with his inclusion here !.

Of course they should have a place here.

Great piece by John Barry - Fun City

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A tasty beverage and Billie Holiday on a long summer evening = bliss.

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Listened to it (Tanglewood 68 version) … stomping !!

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A cool lemonade on my terrace and Billie for me … if only the darned sun would come back.

Some of Nina Simone’s stuff is genius. Read her biography recently, tough life, fascinating, tormented

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Wanky jazz bollocks.

If Johnny Wadham wasn’t on drums, it wasn’t worth listening to.


Died with less than a dollar to her name, absolute tragedy.

The Ken Burns miniseries on jazz is really good. Will turn you on to all sorts of good jazz musicians.

Some story, some character.

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Watched the movie about her life recently, very sad, but also inspirational as to resilience and greatness

Chet Baker

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