JAZZ Music!

I bought my first LP in 1970, it was a compilation album of artists on the Island label including Jethro Tull, Free and King Crimson. I loved all of it but this track was by a relatively unknown and unloved band called If. I came across it again recently on Spotify. I think it qualifies as jazz or more probably jazz- rock, either way it’s very good

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Just spent an enjoyable hour watching and listening to Dutch saxophonist and New Cool Collective band leader Benjamin Hermans showcase their 2018 concert at which they showcased their LP soundtrack for a (to be released) documentary commissioned by Citroën… about their SM MODEL nonetheless.

Accessible and easy to listen to … Bitches Brew this ain’t … but I like it.

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Music that makes you smile … :smiley:!

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I must have a listen. I’m sure there are more musicians from Holland than Focus but that band provided guitarist Jan Akkerman and keyboard player Thijs van Leer who’ve both made good solo albums. Focus were jazz rock but fairly commercial at the same time.

Chet Baker (not Dutch obviously) spent his last difficult years in The Netherlands before the body gave up to addiction… Candy Dulfords’s father was and is a pretty accomplished sax player in his own right.
The annual North Sea Jazz Festival is a long standing set of gigs which has had a lot of the great and the good play down the years.
Caro Emerald is a bit better known and a fine vocalist.

There is definitely a jazz tradition (t)here.
I’ll post some more coming weeks.

ps Had not thought or heard of Focus in while !. Brings me back.

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Soundtrack to the movie Motherless Brooklyn is class

One sexy looking machine, shame it was built out of cardboard :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I am not really a car buff but like good design … Johan Cruijff had one !

The Cruyff (3 point) turn

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Much missed is Cruijffie.

Ref Motherless Brooklyn movie soundtrack it reminded me of Miles speaking about Wynton Marsalis (who plays on that soundtrack )

I cannot locate the exact comment Miles made about Wynton being the (Jazz) ‘PoLEASE’ …it was funny at the time.
Anyway Miles and the young 'pretenders had history. Not quite a John Terry photo op moment but embarrassing…

“In June 1986, Wynton Marsalis and Miles Davis were booked to play at the inaugural Vancouver international jazz festival, when the 24-year-old trumpeter took it upon himself to gatecrash Davis’s gig, trumpet in hand and ready to play. What happened next – Miles swears at him like a trooper and Wynton makes a sharp exit”.

Jazz meets Leo P. And a baritone saxophone is a heavy object too! Leo P at the BBC Proms 2017 - YouTube

You nailed it !
Saw the prom when staged on BBC a few years ago … really enjoyed that.

Chick Corea died today I just heard on the news.
I have only listened to a tiny fraction of his work outside of his playing on Miles albums including the incomparable Bitches Brew, with J McL on lead guitar.
Photo shows them both at Chick’s 75th birthday bash.


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Miles, Chick, John Mc, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Joe Zawinul et al from 1969’s In a Silent Way …

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Signposted and accessible Miles I would venture,
from 1958.
The entire album is more than worth a listen … acknowledged as masterpiece.

Miles Davis - Milestones (Official Audio) - YouTube

Manchester combo … love the drum driven grooves of Go Go Penguin.

A studio recording (I believe) that sounds very much ‘live’ … like this from Cannonball.

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Manchester combo GoGo Penguin from their 2020 album of the same name.
Is this Jazz ?
What is the stars ?.
Electronica influences plus a dollop of Philip Glass.

Like them a lot having heard them first on BBC 4 earlier in the year.

Have the remix of this 2020 album on order from Blue Note in France (ordered en leaving cert Francaise)
A dance type remix with collaborations from dance folks.
Will post it on the alternative music thread once I have received it and had the chance to listene to it a few times.