JAZZ Music!

The Portico Quartet … another English modern jazz outfit I only listened to for the first time this weekend.
I bought their 2018 album ‘Art in the Age of Automation’ (thanks to excellent input as usual from the Tower Records staff).

I like GoGo Penguin so was always going to like this.

Ref one of the best albums I have ever heard irrespective of genre.

Floating Points S Shepherd with Pharaoh Sanders.

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Have never looked up this thread before, will definitely check out some of the suggestions, I’ve sort of looked at jazz with the same reservations I previously held about people who speak fluent Irish. Better to know fook all than be embarrassed by getting into conversation. Nowadays see it differently don’t give a bollox

Don’t sweat the small stuff as they say.
If you like any sort of music when you hear it that’s all that matters. The rest is only surround sounds.
I came to Jazz in my mid forties and have found lots of Jazz music I like.
It’s a broad church so to speak and that Floating Points album I posted above would probably be frowned upon by some purists. But it is simply brilliant. Needs about 3 listens - one full album at a time.

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Using a record player my son bought me for my 50th a lot recently, have a feeling Jazz might just be the ticket

You don’t look or sound a day over 60.
ps If you’re going to buy new vinyl you’d better have deep pockets !.

It’s ok I’m loaded

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Loads of top pop acts have incorporated jazz

Late 50’s Miles en France (just pre Milestones and Kind of Blue) with the opening track from the film score.
Very accessible this.



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