Nothing like a good Ravensberger 1,000 piece to relax. Not too much sky/clouds though …

What is this thread exactly? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Oh man …

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Piece it together yourself.


David Beckham did a 24 piece jigsaw and it took him 2 weeks. He was delighted because it said 3-4 years on the box.

Is it a bit of a puzzle to you?

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My wife got me a white jigsaw bloody annoying.

So was the jigsaw, mind.



Can’t wait to get stuck into this after work*

*The jigsaw…not the pug. That would be fucked up.


Too much blue

He must be on serious money in Brazil to have his own jigsaw…

It’s not a jigsaw … it’s a pugsaw

Do they still sell Air-fix models for assembly?

Yes. The toy store in Omni (closed recently) had them. Marks models in town have them…

Good man Rochey! I think it’s time we ditched technology and went back to Action Man, Airfix and Lego. Christmas is coming!

Movie out recently called The Puzzle, really fine film. Starring Kellie McDonald

Is that the one with the discount books , beside penny’s?

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No, was down beside the entrance on Swords road. closed now!

Infrequent contributor on this site but long time reader - I hope you don’t mind me posting this.

I set up this website www.jigsawmaps.com a few years ago. I’m very keen on kids in particular learning their geography through jigsaws, I genuinely think it’s a brilliant way for them to learn about the world. Some puzzles for adults on there also. Based in Marino - Vincents man, don’t let that put you off :open_mouth:

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Good stuff @emerald! I have the Portrait of the World one with the flags under. I think the kids had the wooden county one too - great way of learning. When I was a kid we learned all the counties, rivers, mountains etc. Nowadays kids think Shannon is a character in a reality show.

Don’t worry about being from Vins. There’s a good few here as you know. Some short a few pieces … :wink:

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