Jim Gavin Departs

My god wasn’t expecting this


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I am absolutely shocked, was not expecting that one bit jesus.

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Dublin County Committee Statement

Jim Gavin has this morning informed the County Officers, his management team and players that he was handing back the reins of the Dublin Senior Football team to the County Committee.

Chairman of the County Committee, Seán Shanley, said “Dublin GAA will be forever grateful to Jim Gavin for his dedication, commitment and contribution as a player and since 2003 leading the next generation of players at u21 and senior level. I regret his departure but appreciate the huge sacrifices he has made over this period. The committee will commence the process of considering suitable candidates to replace Jim and his management team shortly."

John Costello


Strange strange timing a huge shock

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What the fùck :sob:

Oh no :weary::weary::weary::weary::weary::weary:

I said before I was confident he would be done after doing the 5 in a row. But I thought I was wrong given the gap since the final, so surprised it’s come now.

Now, will Clucko follow suit I wonder?

Jaysus, all bets off for next year now.

Thanks for everything Jim, certainly left Dublin football in a better place than he found it.

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Hope everything is ok with him and the family. Very odd timing given the league is only 2
Months away and the O’Byrne is just over a month


Expect Cluxton to follow suit now

I think Cluxton will follow suit.

Thanks for everything Jim it’s been one hell of a ride. Agree all bets are off for next year and possibly the forseable.

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Job done. Nothing more to prove.

Cody should have done the same.


And no statement from him himself seems strange. Also considering it was reported certain not long ago he was staying

What a manager . Impeccable record. Was the perfect combination of being a massive leader and coach, tactically brilliant and yet humble at the same time .

Leaves at the very top . His magnificent legacy will live with him forever.


When he walked around the pitch waving and giving the five in a row I thought he was done as I thought Steven was waving goodbye. As supporters we wished it would go on forever but it was the most glorious period ever watching Dublin play football.

Typical of the man waited until the afterglow of winning was dying down before quietly on a Saturday morning making the announcement via the county board. Never wanted it to be about him but the legacy he leaves to Dublin is immeasurable. Well done JIm and thanks.



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Thanks for everything Jim. You Absolute legend.


The timing is very odd. O Byrne Cup around the corner you would imagine he would have stepped aside earlier to let the new man in and prepare. That’s what makes me think it wasn’t his original plan

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A bit of a shock. Can’t thank Jim enough, almost impossible act to follow. I bet there will be bonfires in Kerry and the rest of culchiedom in celebration. Clarke will probably be in as caretaker at least.
I blame the forward mark :wink:

There has to be more to the story. Something’s changed for a change of heart to come this far after winning Sam.