Jim Gavin Departs

Shocked but the man owes us nothing, will forever be grateful for all he has given to Dublin for the best part of 30 years.



Genuinely stunned.

Ah man wasn’t expecting this, though because there was some distance between AI final he would say. Thank you Jim, for everything.




Heard Arsenal are in talks with him …
Be great fun on here now trying to predict his successor. I imagine Cluxton will follow now too.


That’s Christmas spoiled


I genuinely believed 6 7 8 in a row was possible with him in charge. Absolutely anything could happen now

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Firstly a massive thanks to Jim Gavin, it has been amazing number of years and his place in both Dublin and GAA history is very secure.

Obviously gutted he is going, but considering he has spent so long managing Dublin teams (both u21 and senior) it is very understandable that he would choose to step away, it must have been some commitment on his time & life.

Only ever lost one senior championship game as Senior manager.


Wasn’t at the homecoming, but was he not talking about 2020 at it?

Gutted but grateful.

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Thanks Jim for all the great memories and espcially the 5.

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Its just a week or two away, also my first thought was hope he’s ok! Didnt see that coming, especially considering he only recently said he was going to continue. Absolute legend, greatest tactician and most inteligent manager we have ever witnessed, build a statue i say!

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To be fair, for all we know a new management team had been already appointed and has been working away in the background before the announcement.

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@alanoc I don’t think you’ll be happy with his replacement.

I reckon he was under pressure failure to land the O’Byrne Cup and Kildares ongoing success in the competition was bound to have an effect.

Doubt strongly DCB didn’t know his intentions way before now


He s right really , what’s left for him to prove. Thanks for the greatest era in Dublin football .


Early but any names for a replacement?

Jayo or something fresh?