Jim stynes

Big man passed away 5 years ago today. Always a hero


Read his book a while ago. The organisation he set up has done amazing work for troubled kids and teens. Saw the documentary about his fight with his illness. It was impossible not to cry. The term ‘legend’ is bandied about but it was fitting for Jim Stynes.


Fair play, @Wallopeddonkey Very worthy of a mention. The oul fella used to rave about him so my memories of finally getting to see what all the fuss was about in the compromise rules games remain one of my best days going to Croker. A ‘big unit’ as they say nowadays.

An inspiration to so many, he succeeded on so many levels in a Skype-less, almost landline-less(!) Oz. His book remains centre stage on my bookshelf anyway.


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A real hero of mine. I was genuinely upset the day he died, hard to believe that’s 5 years ago though. The days are the only thing that go by slowly!!! What a beast of a man, @Iomaint I hear ya! I was choking them back when I saw that documentary, it was a measure of the man that he was. Immense in every way.