Job Christmas Party ideas

Lads and Ladies

I’ve been given the thankless task of organizing this years Christmas party in work. Company policy means a meal is a must as part of it and of course a few drinks. Dublin City center is the location, about 35 going. Has anyone any recommendations of good spots for something like this and a group this size.

Some of the annual moans from previous Christmas parties we’ve had in Dublin have been…
“The food was nice but there was no atmosphere afterwards”
“Pity it wasnt a late bar as the craic was 90 up until we had to leave”
"It was a shame the group got split up after having to leave XYZ"
So as you can tell, somewhere to meet, eat and maybe stay in the same venue afterwards for the night and into the early hours.

The food could be as simple as a bar menu that will do steaks, burgers etc…

I know I’m spoilt for choice in town but would feel better if I went with a place that came recommended from one of your good selfs with first hand experience of organizing/attending a similar sized event at said venue.

Thanks in advance.

The McDonalds on O’Connell street is 24 hours and I’m sure they’ll let yas bring in a few cans!


Go to @anon99011615’s boozer in Belgium.

We don’t serve food sorry :wink:

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Make yourself the real work hero by producing food hampers and getting workmates to deliver them to homeless people throughout the night. Huge feel good factor - and no hangovers or absences next day!


The Moving Crib in Parnell Square, then on to the Teachers’ Club. Buses home from right outside, saaaaaweet. :smiley:

Every bleeding Christmas Eve the aul brought me in to that moving crib, only went cause there was a promise of a mcDonalds after :joy: