Joe Brolly - Sunday Independent

Ouch, poor Guru:

Wonder does Joe get paid by the word , hadn’t a barny what he was on about for the first half of the article and where he was going with it , thought it was an excerpt from his autobiography :confused:

Ah it’s good stuff though, always interesting.

It’s actually his Gaelic Life article just re-published. Gaelic life is very good, would be very handy if there was a version for Dublin, or Leinster or whatever it would take to make it viable.

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So does this mean Joe and Jim’s bromance is over?

Bizzare article to say the least

Saw somebody on twitter pull him on his McBrearty facts - rather than not start any games, he started 19 of 24 or something like that.

Yeah, I thought that… there was one year where he wasn’t a regular starter, but for the bulk of the time under McGuiness he was.

But I do like the style and generally the concept behind what he says - but being Joe he can be a bit lose on facts.

Powerful article

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Agreed. For all his bullshit he, and particularly Cody, are spot on.

It is sort of linked to above (actually more then sort of when I think of it), but did people see that apology tweet from Walsh, the Laois guy , mother of God, have they kidnapped all belonging to him or something? No one should be made crawl like that…

That’s mad,

It depends on what he actually said to the management. His statement during the week made it sound like all he did was swear. If it turns out that he actually threatened them, then yes it is fair that they make him apologise like that.

He hardly told the manager he was gonna get the lads to bate him down the pub some night just cos he was taken off

But to what ends? If they aren’t taking him back on the panel what power do they have to make him say anything?

As you say, they have no power to make him say anything if they aren’t going to let him back on the panel. My guess is that this apology is the first step of getting him back on the panel.

No idea what he said or did. All we know is that he himself referred to his “threatening behaviour” in his apology. I certainly believe there is no place for threatening behaviour between players and management (either way) in any sport.

Yep, that’s what I think it is too. But it is too over the top for me. If an apology gets him back, they should have given him that opportunity before throwing him off the paneL That is an absolute cringing apology to have to make.

Like him or loath him you’ll be hard pressed to find another sportswriter referring to Putnam’s Bowling Alone.

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