Joe McNally Masters

Does anybody know if Joe McNallys Masters 7 a side is going ahead this year?
Very enjoyable in other years

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Yes, I saw it advertised recently. Just found it for you .


Brilliant, thanks for that
Hope Big Joe gets a great turnout
True blue , football great and a lovely decent man :+1:


Was down in Westmeath for an away game about ten years ago , got speaking to a few Anne’s men , told them I was a big fan of Joe , they said well you’ll enjoy this he’s at the bar getting us drinks , got the intro and had a brilliant night
Great when you meet some you really admire and they are even better in person




I thought this was the title of a TV show.

Smokey Joe and The Masters :grin:

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“Join us as tonight Joe McNally masters… Chilean throat singing!”

Did you ever meet Smokey on the pitch ? He was a super player and was still playing up to a few years ago. Lovely man


Not that I remember but as a corner forward I’d be the other end of the pitch twiddling me thumbs :joy:

Unbelievable pair of hands on him, ball was glued to them
Still the only player to win Minor and Senior All Ireland’s in consecutive years, that won’t be matched anytime soon

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Minor as a keeper too

I remember seeing him in Mobhi Road many years ago. He was on the line on the road side and his thighs were thicker than the trees that line that side of the pitch.

I’m pretty sure Shane Carthy did exactly this in 2012 and 2013 no…?

David Byrne also???

Was Costello in the 2013 panel too? Sorry to ruin you’re stat @Easyforyoutosay ! :joy:

I knew Big Joe when he played in Boston. As sound as a bell with a personality as big as his smile. He was a big unit in his playing days.

What about Cian O’Sullivan?

Cian never won Anything at minor

Big Joe was a starter in his Senior final - I think that makes him exclusive of the others.