Joeys GAA Club

I see they are getting new grounds as part of the new Connolly Quarter development that was approved. Great for them. They will get plenty of country lads on board with this.


They already have plenty, do you mean to actually legally play for them?


the hurling team is stacked with country lads already, I d say 100% country lads

some fine hurlers actually

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MDMA down there as part of the NEIC Partnership. I think they got some form of Gaelic4Mothers going. It’d be good if Mick could get some kids going to Joey’s. Not sure if many down that way are working in their offices these days so mightn’t be as many country lads around.

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I mean legal ones yeah :joy:

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have Joeys even one under age team?

i doubt it

the hurling team seems to 100% country lads, the football might have a few local inner city , east wall lads I imagine. Richie Foran soccer player used kick ball for them even when he shouldnt have been!

He used to kick more than ball if memory serves me right :wink:


At one stage Richie was timed as the fastest player in English football in the 3 divisions outside of the Premiership . Remember him playing against Pats for Shels . Spacer altogether.

NB I m sure Roddy Collins had a brief stint managing joey s footballers.


What grade are Joeys in Football ?

According to Roddy Collins future all Ireland champions

We played them in a div 8 playoff match and they had 3 Antrim seniors togging out, manager didn’t even know their names . No time for that club and how poorly it’s ran.


That silly attention seeking egomaniac? He was interviewed on RTE or maybe off the ball around the time above and said he doesn’t see why he couldn’t get Joeys to all ireland Senior Club football. Someone quickly done the maths and said to go from Div 8 to Senior all Ireland club he would have to win something like 80 league matches on the bounce to qualify for Senior Club in dublin alone.

Howaya Roddy!


:joy:. A nut job indeed.

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Brother was worse

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He did well with Shels, picking up the PFAI Young Player of the Year award in his 1st season and got a call up for the ireland u-21’s

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He was a good player. Bit more upstairs and he could have gone further than the SPL.


Iirc he said the Dublin job was his ultimate ambition. Was nt joking either :joy:

Where would the grounds be? Not sure where there’s space near Connolly Station, unless they are starting a white water rafting team


Great to hear Sambo McNaughton and Niall Patterson are still playing!

Sure Rodders has managed Dublin City and jumped ship before they were mathematically relegated and got relegated with Rovers in same season. Has he ever lasted more than one season with a team?