Junior 1 All County Championship

Castleknock 1-10

Fins 1-07

JFC1 County: @tomasdaibhis 3-8 @RahenyGAA 2-8.

Cuala 2-13 _ 0-14 Brigids

Johns beat Crokes by one.

Whitehall beat Maurs.

Great game between Raheny and TD this morning, back and forth the whole game, Raheny will be kicking themselves being up 4 late on and missing a number of goal chances throughout the game

Is that TD Div 5 v Raheny Div 4?

It’s Raheny’s AFL 4 side anyway.

Its davis 3rd team in div 6

Is it just crokes Johns and Raheny in 4 ? Or is that Castleknock afl4 team too?

Castleknock are AFL4 as well

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They be favs so? Think they finished above Johns.

Would have to think so, they beat the other 3 division 4 teams during the league. The game against Fingallians was fairly tight yesterday though

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Sure was, castlenocks fitness showed in the end. A lot of fast forwards.

Very true, last 10/15 could see them getting more of a hold of the game as Fingallians tired and castleknock brought on some strong subs. And that was with Castleknock down to 14 men for the last 10 minutes or so following a second yellow for one lad, you wouldn’t have known at all, never looked like a team with one less player.

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Ballinteer beat Whitehall by a few. Very impressive Ballinteer team.

Hearing Castleknock are a very strong outfit this year. Some very talented young footballers

Peregrines 1-07 _ 0-13 Brigids as per Brigids twitter account

They beat Thomas Davis 3-20 to 2-09. Have been quite strong the last few years, would expect a good young team with the minors that have been coming out of there in recent years.

That scores correct Bridgids by 3

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Castleknock favourites for this? Anyone else in with a shout?