Junior 4 all county football championship

Group 1
Erins Isle
St Oliver Plunketts ER
St Sylvesters|

Group 2
St Vincents
Round Towers (C)
Naomh Fionnbarra
Na Fianna

Group 3
Thomas Davis
St Patricks (D
Ballinteer St Johns

Group 4
Skerries Harps
Ballyboden St Endas
O Tooles
Kilmacud Crokes

Anybody know what division all these teams are in ?

Pats D are div 8

Isles are 10 North. Skerries are 9. I think Boden could be AFL 11 South . O Tooles 9

Castleknock 10

Cuala - AFL 9
Round Towers C - AFL 9
Parnells - AFL 8
Naomh Fionnbarra - AFL 8
O Tooles - AFL 9
Skerries Harps - AFL 9
Erins Isle - AFL 10
St Sylvesters - AFL 10*
St Vincent - AFL 9
Raheny - AFL 8
Ballinteer St Johns - AFL 10
Ballyboden St Endas - AFL 9
Castleknock - AFL 10
Kilmacud Crokes - AFL 8
Na Fianna - AFL 10
Thomas Davis - AFL 10
St Oliver Plunketts ER - AFL 11
St Pats Donabate - AFL 8

Sorry for the messy order of the teams and their divisions.

*St Sylvesters had 4 teams entered into the League (Divs 2, 4, 7 and 10), but have entered 6 into the Champo (SFC 2, IFC All County, Jnr 2, 4, 5 and 6 North respectively). I assume their “Junior 4” team is made up of a mix of their div 7 and 10 lads, as well as the U19 lads coming through.


What players are making up the junior 5 & 6 teams? Would you say they’ve made up a team from all their u19s?

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If Balinteer and Thomas Davis are both in this championship and put out their AFL 10 South league teams they will get destroyed in this championship

Pats bet TD

I don’t know to be honest, was a bit confused myself when i saw it. Though looking back at last season’s champo and league, it seems to be a similar story, with them having 4 teams for league in 2021 (2, 4, 7, 10 North) and having 5 for Champo. They also had 2 Minor Football teams last year so maybe they just wanted to add another 2 teams for champo to get lads gametime with the uncertainty (yet predictable walkovers) of the u19 champo?? very odd though.

Balinteer gave parnells a walkover. Are they not entering a team? Seems to be the case in quite a few groups

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Anyone an idea of when the quarter finals of this will be played ?

Some group games scheduled for 2nd October which is due to be semi final weekend football championships

We’re guessing every game will be pushed back by four weeks, with the q/f 16 Oct, s/f 30 Oct and final possibly the following week if no clashes with junior hurling finals.

Are skerries and crokes going to play on Sept 18th ? Or is that even allowed

Why wouldn’t Skerries v Crokes not be played

They are down to play the last game on 02 Oct - But one of them have a bye on 18th Sept and another a w/o - That game would finish that group and the QF could be brought forward to 02 Oct - Teams in other groups will go 2 months without games

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Yeah just looked at all the tables there. Would make sense to play that game. A few teams giving walk overs Ballinter O’Tooles and SOPE. wonder if the relegation plat-offs take place .

An end of season cracker between Castleknock & Boden yesterday. Both teams with nothing to play for, other than the pride of a win. We finished with a four point win, but in fairness the primary factor was one of their lads getting injured and playing in goal for the second half. Season over for both teams, and plenty of others. Feels very early.

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Any idea of the make up off Q/F ?

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Group 1 - Syls 1st, Raheny 2nd

Group 2 - 2 of Na Fianna, Vincents, Finbars

Group 3 - Parnells 1st, Pats 2nd

Group 4 - Skerries / Crokes, in what order TBC in final game

Final round of games set for 2nd Oct, QFs presumably the 16th of Oct. Looking at a mid Nov finish.

Cheers would you know if Relegation play/off will go ahead even with teams pulling out ?