Junior 4 all county football championship

Group 1
Erins Isle
St Oliver Plunketts ER
St Sylvesters|

Group 2
St Vincents
Round Towers (C)
Naomh Fionnbarra
Na Fianna

Group 3
Thomas Davis
St Patricks (D
Ballinteer St Johns

Group 4
Skerries Harps
Ballyboden St Endas
O Tooles
Kilmacud Crokes

Anybody know what division all these teams are in ?

Pats D are div 8

Isles are 10 North. Skerries are 9. I think Boden could be AFL 11 South . O Tooles 9

Castleknock 10

Cuala - AFL 9
Round Towers C - AFL 9
Parnells - AFL 8
Naomh Fionnbarra - AFL 8
O Tooles - AFL 9
Skerries Harps - AFL 9
Erins Isle - AFL 10
St Sylvesters - AFL 10*
St Vincent - AFL 9
Raheny - AFL 8
Ballinteer St Johns - AFL 10
Ballyboden St Endas - AFL 9
Castleknock - AFL 10
Kilmacud Crokes - AFL 8
Na Fianna - AFL 10
Thomas Davis - AFL 10
St Oliver Plunketts ER - AFL 11
St Pats Donabate - AFL 8

Sorry for the messy order of the teams and their divisions.

*St Sylvesters had 4 teams entered into the League (Divs 2, 4, 7 and 10), but have entered 6 into the Champo (SFC 2, IFC All County, Jnr 2, 4, 5 and 6 North respectively). I assume their “Junior 4” team is made up of a mix of their div 7 and 10 lads, as well as the U19 lads coming through.


What players are making up the junior 5 & 6 teams? Would you say they’ve made up a team from all their u19s?

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If Balinteer and Thomas Davis are both in this championship and put out their AFL 10 South league teams they will get destroyed in this championship

Pats bet TD

I don’t know to be honest, was a bit confused myself when i saw it. Though looking back at last season’s champo and league, it seems to be a similar story, with them having 4 teams for league in 2021 (2, 4, 7, 10 North) and having 5 for Champo. They also had 2 Minor Football teams last year so maybe they just wanted to add another 2 teams for champo to get lads gametime with the uncertainty (yet predictable walkovers) of the u19 champo?? very odd though.

Balinteer gave parnells a walkover. Are they not entering a team? Seems to be the case in quite a few groups

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