Junior A Hurling Championship

Group One
Realt Dearg
Pats (P)

Group Two
Good Counsel Liffey Gaels

Youd think Commercials start out as favorites with Lucan not far behind

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You’d have to add Peregrines, Pats, Marks and Skerries into the mix there too.

Not sure how Marks are going or Pats , find Skerries dogged , ourselves a lot of duals , for that reason alone commercials stand out for me

Kevin’s in a league higher than most , I think it’s easier to spot the club that might struggle than to nail your colours on a winner

Boden Div 4 team win this last year Amigo?

Yep. Won tight quarter and semi v Peregrines and Lucan respectively. 2 good teams.



Big week next week , no rest for the wicked in all likelihood we will play football tomorrow and weekend (unless results go our way)

Go Ahead Junior A Hurling Championship Group 1
Realt Dearg v Ballinteer St Johns Drimnagh Castle 7/19/22 19:15
Lucan Sarsfields v St Patricks (P) Arthur Griffith Park 7/19/22 19:15
St Vincents v St Peregrines Pairc Na Uinsionn 7/19/22 19:15
St Patricks (P) v St Vincents Glenauline Park 7/24/22 11:00
Ballinteer St Johns v Lucan Sarsfields Marley Park 7/24/22 11:00
St Peregrines v Realt Dearg Blakestown 7/24/22 11:00
St Patricks (P) v Ballinteer St Johns Glenauline Park 8/14/22 11:00
Lucan Sarsfields v St Peregrines Arthur Griffith Park 8/14/22 11:00
St Vincents v Realt Dearg Pairc Na Uinsionn 8/14/22 11:00
Realt Dearg v Lucan Sarsfields Drimnagh Castle 8/28/22 11:00
Ballinteer St Johns v St Vincents Marley Park 8/28/22 11:00
St Peregrines v St Patricks (P) Blakestown 8/28/22 11:00
St Patricks (P) v Realt Dearg Glenauline Park 9/11/22 11:00
St Vincents v Lucan Sarsfields Pairc Na Uinsionn 9/11/22 11:00
Ballinteer St Johns v St Peregrines Marley Park 9/11/22 11:00
Go Ahead Junior A Hurling Championship Group 2
Skerries Harps v Good Counsel / Liffey Gaels Skerries 7/19/22 19:15
Kevins v Cuala Dolphin Park 7/19/22 19:15
St Marks v Commercials McGee Park 7/19/22 19:15
Cuala v St Marks Shanganagh Park 7/24/22 11:00
Good Counsel / Liffey Gaels v Kevins Galtymore Road 7/24/22 11:00
Commercials v Skerries Harps Rathcoole 7/24/22 11:00
Cuala v Good Counsel / Liffey Gaels Shanganagh Park 8/14/22 11:00
Kevins v Commercials Dolphin Park 8/14/22 11:00
St Marks v Skerries Harps McGee Park 8/14/22 11:00
Skerries Harps v Kevins Skerries 8/28/22 11:00
Good Counsel / Liffey Gaels v St Marks Galtymore Road 8/28/22 11:00
Commercials v Cuala Rathcoole 8/28/22 11:00
Cuala v Skerries Harps Shanganagh Park 9/11/22 11:00
St Marks v Kevins McGee Park 9/11/22 11:00
Good Counsel / Liffey Gaels v Commercials Galtymore Road 9/11/22 11:00

Certainly, favorites to top Group 2 anyways, They finished 5th in Division 3, Kevins finished 10th, what Div are skerries, 5? Marks struggled in Div4, as did Good Counsel/Liffey Gaels.

Of course it’s hard to know how much disruption each group had for the league.

Skerries promototed next year into four a strong unit backed by seasoned lads and a recent decent minor group they will be competitive
Lucan equally getting long awaited promotion to Div 4 very strong last two years
Not being insulting but Marks and Good Counsel would need to improve from league form from what I witnessed
For me still have Commericals as team to beat but Lucan not far behind
For ourselves would be hoping to get out of group and make semi final , havent been a million miles away in previous years

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You’d a good league, finished 4th wasn’t it? so should be in the mix in group 1 you’d imagine, can’t believe this is starting already, two quick rounds of the game then spread out a bit more - going to be interesting to see how it goes.

I won’t get to see any of these obviously, so you’ll have to be the res dubs roving reporter :sweat_smile:

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Snob :rofl:



Would be my order

Realt gone to pots, half the country lads headed for home during COVID

Id agree on top two 100% but I’d wager there’s nothing between ourselves and Skerries , we drew in championship last year , no idea whatsoever of of the crossover of duals in Skerries, but very high with us , could be a deciding factor

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How many of those panels headed to states on j1s, early rounds may not represent true strength.

As said two quick rounds followed by things settling down, clubs again with fewer dual players may do better.

I’d be happy to watch if the DCB streamed some!

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15 penguins will beat them in the group stage😄


Only one round of midweek games and this is fixed.

No complaints here! :joy:

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Fook me championship down in Vincent’s on an Astro unbelievable

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Peregrines 21 pts to 16pts

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