Junior C - H

I thought these grades could do with a group of their own out of respect to them. The other groups above all have their own group.

Junior C Lucan V Ballyboden
Junior D Thomas Davis V Na Fianna
Junior E Naomh Barog V Naomh Mearnog
Junior F Isles V Peregrines
Junior G Monica’s V Vins
Junior H Round Towers C V Portobello

There’s a good spread of teams here and it’s great to see Monicas in a final as they only got back Hurling 2-3yrs ago. Never knew Portobello had a team either.

Sadly I think some of these finals will be played midweek under the lights somewhere.


Na Fianna should win the Junior D comfortably, they are way too strong for that level. They won it last year already - no promotion with Covid…could see them doing a job at Junior C next year

That’s their 3rd team isn’t it? If so they would be way too strong.

Yes a Div.5 team I believe. Most other teams in this championship are Div.7 or 8.

Junior B at a minimum if not Junior A is where that team should be.

TD bet Na fianna last year in the groups, never too much between them. Not much diff in junior D/C top 2/3 teams, they could all beat each other.

Na fianna couldn’t qualify for the final just 2 years ago let’s not forget.

Yea I’d agree regarding the Junior C & D teams being at a similar level and teams that get promoted tend to do well the next year in the higher championship normally.

Look I’d be happy to be proved wrong if Thomas Davis were to take them on the day but Junior D is not were I’d expect Na Fianna’s 3rd team to be given the conveyor belt of strong underage & minor teams they have had come up over the last few years.

May the best team win Sunday week and hopefully they’ll both have a good run next year at the Junior C.

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Congrats to our hurlers a two point win away to Isles
Peregrines 1-14
Erins Isles 2-9

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Junior D Td 1-11 Na fianna 0-10. A low scoring game but was very close, TD pulling away in the second half to register a fine victory.

Thats a great victory for TD congrats to them

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How many Home wins were there in the various finals B to H to-day?

Disappointing that any team would have such an advantage in a County Final.

Boden beaten out in Lucan. Won the big one in Parnell, sorry OTP.

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Peregrines flew high in Finglas today

Junior H winner - Portobello (presumably their first ever in Hurling)
Junior G winner - St Vincents
Junior F winner - Peregrines
Junior E winner - Barróg
Junior D winner - Thomas Davis
Junior C winner - Lucan

A good mix of teams there and congratulations to all

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That’s Lucan’s third team up to Junior B now, they are starting to push upwards and all grades - a sure sign of another “Superclub” in the making IMO, especially with the population out there

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Played their second team in Junior A , their panel was massive on the day

2nd team still in Div 5 though, thats low compared to the other super clubs

Did they win this same championship 2 or 3 times in a row due to COVID? Junior C

Will change very fast from next season on, just watch

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They are capable of beating anyone in div 4 and would give at least half of div three a game provided the squad that plays championship was the squad playing league games

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Super Club?

They have a long long way to go. Have yet to win a Senior Championship at either code.