Junior Championship Structures 2018

Hi folks. Does anyone know whether structures for the junior championships have been confirmed for 2018? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe inter will be divided into two separate competitions (first teams and ‘reserves’). Is something along these lines happening at junior?

Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere. Couldn’t see it. Thanks

There is 4 main championships this year.

Senior A, Senior B, Inter & Junior. These will consist of all clubs 1st teams and 1st teams only. These will be run as a group style competition.

Then there is an all county Inter, Junior A, B, C which consists of clubs 2nd & 3rd teams etc. I think these are to follow the group style competition but I can’t remember 100%.

I will route out the championship plan and post it here.

There is a Junior B also as far as I know!
Definitely was meant to be when originally announced.
Original plan was to have 9 different championships - 5 for 1st teams only and 4 reserve championships!

Thats the thread I was looking for along with this post


Thanks very much for those replys. I had a quick skim through that thread from last year; it looks like the proposals sparked lots of debate (and I’m not trying to reignite anything). Hopefully the championships will be a success and they aren’t devalued by essentially cutting the number of contenders in half. Time will tell.

Out of interest, will the winners of the inter play off with the winners of the inter reserve to find an overall champion? I saw that idea mentioned a couple of times.

How will they decide whether the teams from the old junior C championship play in Junior 1 or 2 if teams from junior A and B dont fill the 16 teams required for Junior 1? Will they base it on past championship results possibly?

No, as the winner of the Inter championship will go onto play in Leinster. The all county inter championship will consist of clubs 2nd/3th etc teams and these cannot play in Leinster.

They already have. If you look at the thread @Junior_D posted there is an image with the championships teams have been placed in. It is all OK with the exception of the Thomas Davis appeal/

I think that was just a table that Junior_D put together himself. The last comment on that thread was from July last year by the looks of things so I’d say the gradings could have changed since then

Yea correct,

I just did it up myself based on last years grading!
Absolutely nothing official on it.

yeah from what i can see of Junior_D table is there are 4 teams from the old junior C are going to need to go to Junior 2 championship to balance out the 2 junior championships into the 16 and 12.

Ah, I only had a quick glance and presumed it was sent out by CCC.

When is the draw? Is it all being held back until davis appeal heard?

Draw is next week

will clubs know in advance if they are in junior 1 or 2 or will they just find out on the night?

No date set yet. Held up by Thomas Davis going to DRA

this is becoming abit of a farce. Seemingly no decision last night again so just over a month out from championships teams still dont even know what championship they are playing in!!!

I thought it was just the senior gradings that was under appeal? Could they not just go ahead with the junior and intermediate draws?

No they Can’t

The whole format of the new championships at all levels will be affected.

Draws can’t be made until CCC know what format the championships will take.

Very few people want to go back to straight knockout but that is what may happen if the TD appeal is upheld.

only teams affected are the senior A/B teams, whats the rest got to do?

If TD are successful in there appeal it may mean that the championship reverts back to the way it was in 2017 and that new format will have to be re assessed and will be implemented in 2019. Hence the junior championship will stay the say as previous years. This is my understanding of what the potential outcome could be.

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