Junior G Hurling Championship

Q final details as on Dublin GAA website

who can they lose to footie? hurling and football seperate weekends unless there is injuries

I wonder will the Queen’s funeral this week have any effect on the weekends fixtures?

What do we reckon this weekend? Portobello and Lucan should be ok. Other two will be tight, will go for Thomas Davis and Na Fianna.

Yep looks good. TD a good strong outfit.

Is is every 2 weeks for next few rounds of fixtures?


TD will just have enough but should be a cracker, pick of the games.

Easy portobello win I would think but hope Kevins don’t just roll over. Kevins always physical so no harm if they throw a belt or two early on!

Lucan & TD through, no result up yet for Portobello/Kevins and Na Fianna/Dwyers. Anyone have those results?

Portobello won handy. Don’t have the score.

Porto had 30 lads togged out.

Na fianna put up a big score against ODwyers, considering they lost to Lucan in the group you would expect 2 strong sides coming through here, they might have picked up a few lads along the way too since the group stages…

I see fixtures are up for H semis. Any word on G semis

Huge score put up by Na Fianna! Themselves and Lucan potentially from a stronger group, although Thomas Davis came through the Plunketts game. This championship is nicely set up now. Don’t think Portobello will have it all their own way!

Might scoring. Never know what you’ll come up against in Junior G!

Looking like some good match ups heading into the business end of things.