Juvenile Football 2020

Does anyone know roughly when the league gradings and fixtures are circulated?

Circulated already. U15 start this Sunday. All other ages next weekend.

Wrong code, LGFA are about 2 weeks behind games not starting until 1st week march

Not sure when grading are due but the league is starting end feb as above …

Sorry. Thought it was boys.


Yeah it’s mainly the gradings I’m wondering about. Our team into U13s now, so interested to find out what league we are in

the working group that was set up from the AGM are still meeting … although I believe 1 association took their time to respond to requests to meet .

Wouldn’t that have been about the fixtures calendar though? Any idea if they would release leagues/gradings before the fixture dates are available?

Juvenile teams gradings are being discussed at County Board meeting Feb 18th.

The fixture calendar of week on week off will dictate the numbers in divisions .

u13 is used as the grading year for U14 league and championship in the following year. Use this year to move to the size 4 fotball, larger pitch etc. From recollection and I could be wrong but there is an element of self grading too in that your delegate at meeting should suggest an appropiate league to play in based on what you believe your teams ability is, you probably have a good idea based on who you have played the past year or two, the numbers involved, will you have an A and B team, one team club, all players playing on their own age or have you a number of players playing up a year. Loads of factors to consider. Dublin LGFA fixtures coordinators at each age group will be monitoring results from last year as well so will have an idea of where you will be playing.

@carnycode provisional gradings were released this morning. The Meeting to ratify is next week

Ladies football starting back weekend Feb 29th/Mar 1st

Does anyone know if it is possible to query the grading if you feel you are in too low or high of a league? Is that what the ratification meeting can be used for?

Yep, juvenile Delegate meeting next week

Responses / observations back this Friday, meeting Tuesday I presume. That’s the usual I think

Not far wrong but unless it comes from juvenile secretary or delegate its unlikely to change, that said its unlikely to change anyway regardless who it comes from.

Wouldn’t agree with that at all. I find the county board run a good ship in general and everything is up front. How do you mean about development squads. They not set up not to clash with match days surely so girls play with clubs always.

Current chair and sec ran a decent fair show… this wouldn’t have always been the case though with LGFA county administrators