Keatings Hurling and Football Club

Does anyone have any information on this Dublin Club that was active in the early 1900s? They won cups etc in 1902,1903 and 1911. The club seems to have disappeared by the 1920s. I thought it was maybe amalgamated with another club but cannot find anything that indicates this. Any information welcomed !

No information other than they had a couple of players involved in the Dublin team on Bloody Sunday

You’ll see a reference right as the end of this link -

  • Keatings morphed from a branch of the Gaelic League on Parnell Square but are now disbanded with no known link to a present-day club. The club won 3 Dublin Senior Football titles, the last one in 1911.

Seems not a lot is known about them.


There is a piece on the GAA website about a Keatings camogie club set up in Dublin in 1903