Keep the Brain Active During Lockdown - Trivia and Quizzes

I thought it would be good to start a thread for ways of keeping the brain active while all this madness is going on. I’ve been doing a few quizzes with family and friends, it’s a bit of craic, it’s social and gets the brain working. We could even throw up scores and do a resser quiz cup. Also a good place to throw up trivia questions and brain teasers

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Picked the guitar back up after a long spell in the attic. Now I look forward to getting a half to an hour on it each day.

Also doing pub quizzes and music bingo and the like with the family via zoom for weekend evenng entertainment.

You can’t beat there’s any amount of quizzes on there with different categories. Good few GAA ones on there too.

There’s a good one to start with

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I’ve been doing this one with the family every evening, only 10 questions but it’s a bit of craic and he mixes it up

We played family trivial pursuit with the kids , nightmare. Kids are bigger whingers than meath or kildare when they get hammered.


Played Monopoly a couple of weeks ago with 5 adults, there was killings

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■■■■ all use buying a hotel these days.

Hotels were banned, you could only have four houses


There must be a few garda in your family. :joy:


Would ye not let them win?

Are they old enough for the gargle?

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