Kerry V Dublin March 18th Tralee - Travel

Hi All,

Are there any organised buses or coaches travelling from the city centre to Tralee for our next match?



We have a bus but think its full and also may not be going through the city. I was down there last weekend, took me over 5 hours to get down on Friday and 4 hours with 2 stops on the way back. Bus is going to take for ever with a ll the Dubs going down!

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Helicopter is the only way.

Or in a car with some mates.

I’ll be taking the latter unfortunately.

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SOLD OUT! Remaining tickets for the Div. 1 #AllianzLeagues game between @Kerry_Official & @DubGAAOfficial on March 18 in Tralee are all sold.

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sold out in 7 minutes

Unlikely but if there is any spare tickets I’ll take them. Ridiculous having this game in Tralee!

Actually are there no tickets reserved for PP holders?

No and there never are any tickets reserved for away league games with the PP pass.

So are we looking at the same XV as Saturday night or will JG throw in Flynner, Kev Mc (Kerry fans :scream:) and Paddy, maybe Johnny too - or will he leave well enough alone?

Looking for 2 tickets too for my folks if anyone gets their hands on some…they have a hotel booked and weren’t aware it was a total sell out

We never sell out away league games either, was worth a try :wink:

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Yeah, it’s a real f*ckin’ drag, isn’t it?

Pain in the gowl.

So have they held a place in Austin Stack Park for every Dublin season ticket holder? If that’s the case then when not everyone travels there will be space available. I wonder when that decision will be made to let more people in?

Strictly speaking, I’d imagine they shouldn’t - what if those people turn up late (it is the feckless Dubs afterall)? Be the same as if a fella had a physical ticket, got pished, and spent the game asleep in a ditch. His ticket would simply be unused.

That’s not to say the cute hoors won’t try something fiendishly cute-hoorish, but that’s my eminently learned and well-refined take on it.

Yep, these tickets were already bought in November by season ticket holders . If they choose not to go , can’t sell the ticket twice.

The Dublin Coach Company run a daily bus service to Tralee @ €40 return.

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Not sure why my post above linked to yours. I was trying to reply to that @dubinhell prrrick!

Great company. I use their Dublin to Limerick service a lot. Very reliable, very regular service. They pick up in town and at the Red Cow Luas stop. You may have to change buses in Limerick, as some of them go on to Ennis and some go to Tralee. The last bus leaves Tralee around tea time, so you wouldn’t be able to get it home after the game. It makes a pit stop in Mullinavat on the way home obvs. :wink: