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The man deserves his own thread. Happy retirement to Kevin Mc. The goal in 2011 was special but that goal in 2013 against Kerry my favourite goal of all time. A legend and played a major role in Dublin GAA over the last 10 years.


Enjoy the retirement Kev, thanks for the memories!

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A great bloke and typical of the type of player and attitude that delivered the decade of success. Earned a reputation as a super sub but you could always count on Kev whether he started or not. Great man to clip a point - even better man to clip a goal - maybe even when trying to clip a point. His 2011 goal will long be remembered as the catalyst for ten years of triumph. His 2013 goal, the zinger in the 2015 replay. Many great memories.

But my next favourite bit (or should I say hit!) from Maxi after the 2011 goal - and there were many - was the hit on Peter Crowley. In the 74th min of 75 with Dublin just a point up and Kerry probing he put in that monster, picks up the ball and feeds Cormac. A minute later he is passing to Paul Mannion who passed to Dermo …

Thanks for the great, great memories Kev and enjoy the next chapter. :clap::clap::clap:


Enjoy the retirement Maxi - you’ve given us enough great memories to last a lifetime!

Great servant to Dublin over the years enjoy the retirement pal you deserve it :+1:

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His goal in 2011 was just as much the winning of the game as Clucko’s point. Came at such a crucial time of the match.

Enjoy the well earned rest Kev :+1:

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Kevin goes down as al time Dublin great. Adored by all Dublin Fans. Had massive contributions right through those eight All irelands. Such a winner and always an impact.

Ran amok in so many games but here are some highlights.

2011 – Big impacts in the Semi final and of course the AI Final
2013 – That great goal against Kerry
2015 – Massive impact from bench in replay against Mayo and in the final
2016 – great game vs Kerry including nailing a couple of gems
2018 – Brilliant score near the end in the final vs Tyrone

Enjoy the retirement Kevin


Best of luck for the future Kev, GRMA.

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posting full statement here

Fare thee well sweet Anna Liffey……

After 12 seasons with the Dublin Senior Team I have decided to announce my retirement from inter-county football. It has been an absolute privilege to represent my county, fulfil my childhood dream and I feel so proud that my playing days have lasted so long and brought so much joy.

I am grateful for the support of the Dublin County board, the GPA, countless managers, selectors, friends and backroom staff who have helped me over the years. In particular, Pat Gilroy, Jim Gavin and Dessie Farrell have been inspirational leaders, have backed me in their own way and have all helped me grow as a footballer and a person.

To my teammates, it has been an incredible journey and I am so proud of the friendships, the stories and the memories we have made over the years.

St Jude’s GAA club has been a rock upon which I was able to build a career and it has been an honour to represent the club on the inter county stage. So many clubmates and volunteers have helped me and without men like Padraic Monaghan and Damien Carroll it is unlikely I would have had the career I did.

To my parents Maxie and Josie and brothers Bren and Sean - your support and love has been unwavering, and I am forever grateful. Each of you have inspired me to be the best I can be and given me all the tools to grow in every area of my life.

Finally, to the Dublin supporters, I’ll never forget the roars, the excitement, those beautiful moments when Croke Park was rocking and the feeling that you had our teams back wherever we went around the country. I truly admire your passion for supporting our team and I’m looking forward to joining you in future.

Grá Mór

Kev Mc


Dublin if not the games greatest ever number 17 , a memory that I will take to my grave with me but live on forever
The scream of the crowd was us warming our throats for what was coming next . the come on gesture
Classy statement to end it all
Love you, enjoy whatever comes next , I’m sure there’s some mileage left for Jude’s


Modern Dublin football is divided into two very distinct eras:
BTG (Before that goal)
ATG (After that goal).

KevMc drew that line.
All the best our barrel-chested hero.


Enjoy the retirement Kevin, hope it prolongs your club career for a long while. I think only Mick Fitz, Philly and James McCarthy are left from that 2011 team now.


A fond farewell to the Man who shook Croker …. Twice

Thank you for the service and commitment to the jersey. You’ll forever be part of the history of our national sport and welcome wherever around the world Dubs meet. Just bring your guitar.

Wishing you a long, happy & healthy retirement from the game.


Enjoy the retirement Kerry Killer, what a great servant and an all round good egg as they say.


I find it surreal to see 8 time All Ireland winner before his name, how blessed have we been as Dublin supporters to be alive to witness this run, be hard to see it again in our lifetime, best team/ manager if all time bar none


A great player who scored a great goal. WB Yeats wasn’t thinking of him when he wrote this line but I thought it very apt … “All changed, changed utterly, a terrible beauty was born”. Hopefully he will keep playing club for some time. On a related note I do wonder why amateur players feel the need to publish statements. I don’t recall Brian Mullins, Barney Rock or Anton O’Toole doing this. Is it a reflection of todays society or are todays players trying to build a profile?

Maybe it’s to stop them being asked endlessly whether they re coming back or not . Anyway thanks to Kev for all the magic moments.


Just look at the crap we went through all last summer about Cluxton, is he retired/coming back etc.

While I’d agree that it’s up to each player what they do, I think It’s far easier on everyone just to say it’s over and we all move on.


It’s not necessarily to build a profile - isn’t it nice that they can also thank people? I think it’s lovely to see Kev Mc acknowledge men like Padraic Monaghan and Damien Carroll as being huge influences on his career.

Not sure what being an amateur has to do with it but it’s even nicer to see volunteers, club mates, fans etc thanked in that context.