Kickouts Football New Rule

Lads (and lassies), what is the rule for the league for kickouts. It’s being discussed on the league thread, but this is the place for it I guess.

I can find in equal measure from relatively reputable sources that it a) does have to pass the 45m line and (b it only needs to travel 13m. Again today the Irish Time says it needs to pass the 45, and arrive in says it only needs to travel 13m.

From what I know

  • Kickous taken from 21
  • Cannot be kicked inside the semi circle & must go 13 metres

Doesn’t have to go past the 45M anymore?

For National League, the rule is:
The kick-out shall be taken off the ground from a point on the part of the 20m line that forms the semi-circular arc.
All players, other than the Goalkeeper (and another player if the goalkeeper is not taking the kickout) shall be outside the 20m line, outside the arc and 13m from the ball until it has been kicked

That was my understanding too. But it is all over the place that it needs to pass the 45, including this mornings Irish Times

I was at the match on Friday in Parnell Park and watched the McKenna Cup Final and there were loads of short kick outs so passing the 45m is long gone

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When the rules were originally being muted this is what was been mentioned as what the rule would be. When they were passed to be included for the pre-season games the having to travel outside the 45m line was dropped.

The advance mark had a similar change. It was originally a kick from outside the 45m line and caught inside the 20m. This was then changed to a kick from outside the 45m line and caught inside the 45m after travelling 20m.

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No requirement to kick past the 45m. For reference the ‘D’ spans 13m from the centre point of 20m line and with the majority of kickouts taken from here once the ball leaves the ‘D’ or semi circle this has then travelled the required 13m distance.

Does it have to be taken from centre of the line? If it isn’t, then the kick might not be 13m.

Mind you, it is good to see the D serving a purpose. It put a lot of guys to extra work over the years lining pitches for something that was rarely needed.

Not 100% sure on the new rule but the old rule the kickout could be taken anywhere between the posts on the 13m line. I would presume it is the same now.

That’s right, it doesn’t have to be from the centre but has to be kicked in front of the ‘scoring space’ eg the posts. Majority of kicks are from in or around the centre so the D can act as a good guide for dare I say it ‘allowing a bit of common sense’. . . Before anyone says it I’m well aware that the words ‘common sense’ do not appear anywhere in the GAA rulebook.

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Anyone else reckon all scores should end up with a throw ball from the centre field ?
Would give attacking teams more of a chance as it is a 50/50 ball.
Would discourage ultra defensive teams !

So is every kick-out if they go player to player as once was the design of our game.

I can never understand seeing 12, 13 or even 14 players picking up their marker at a kick-out and leaving the other(s) unmarked and inevitably being the one who gets the pass from the keeper.