Kieran Donaghy Retires

That’s my favorite picture of him.


Best wishes to him . Never liked his on field antics and delighted we mostly got the better of him . but he had done good charisma and decency off the pitch and a very good career


One All Ireland medal in the last 9 years of his playing career? :smiley:

He’d have none at all this decade, if Aido and Captain Elbows watched where they were going back in 2014.

Love him or loath him he changed the way the game was played when he was first played at the edge of the square and Kerry got rewards from it and when he was on form he was unmarkable.
I love this but from his book about 2014


Jesus wept.

Its a physical game. ‘Assault and thuggery’ It would take me seconds to find 3 pictures of players we consider heroes engaging in similar conduct made look all the more worse in a still image.

You dont have to like him, but the double standards is a bit much. We have players who have and will overstep the mark at times to win.

‘Antagonizing other players’ this happens up and down the country at all levels every weekend.
I was playing junior hurling the weekend and my opponent antagonized me and me him but we still shook hands at the end of the game.

He was a Kerry bollox but making him out to be some sort of criminal is a bit ridiculous.


If you are happy to give out the slaps , be prepared to take them back like a man.

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Your mean " Brown Star". Always acting the shi -ite off the ball :wink::grin:

Donaghy, you either love - or at least appreciate - or hate. The posts above illustrate that no end.

I guess he’s a player you’d love to have playing alongside you but an absolute maggot to play against. And ultimately the maggot side came to the fore in later years during the dying of the light. I can appreciate how he’ll be adored by the yerras - he undoubtedly had an impact - but, personally, I’m just glad that we had ROC & Philly to soften his cough when it was required.


Ah here, of course he deserves a thread, whether you want to applaud or hate him. Personally, I couldn’t stand his antics on the pitch. I use to dream of Jamesie catching him with a shoulder and him being stretchered off.

But he was a very prominent and effective player over his 14 seasons. He saved Kerry on more than one occasion and he’s exactly the player you love if he’s playing for your side. We’ve a few of our own that are on the edge and I hold them in the highest regard, but understand why opposing fans may not share my affection.

My respect for Senor Donkey went up a little after reading his bio, because it was honest, warts and all instead of the usual yerra sh*te. Basically, he was just a competitor, like most of ours, but I’m glad I won’t have to watch anymore of his scumbaggery on the pitch in the future.

Wish him well in retirement, put his life and soul into the GAA, sacrificed his family life at times in latter years. Never liked him on the pitch but he was a warrior and done what he had to do to win, no moral victory in second best.

I met him a few times off the pitch and he came across as a good guy. He even remembered me on the third occassion I met him.


I agree. The highest praise of an opposition player is that you can’t stand the sight of them.

I can’t stand the sight of Donaghy.


Good player, and amazing to think he was ‘discovered’ on the Underdogs programme.

An awful lot of blaggarding out of him in later years as he raged against better teams but he was a big game player.

Some very interesting stuff in his book that changed my opinion of him.

Pity we didn’t see more of him v O’Carroll.

Bye Bye.

I think the opinions on this thread so far sum up Donaghy. A polarizing figure. I personally loathed him, and will not miss him, but I can equally see why there’s a thread on him.

As much as I don’t like the man it can’t be argued the impact he had on the game over the years. 2006 and 2014 spring to mind. He brought a different dimension to the game that always required attention.

However, I also love how well we dealt with him over the years. For all the talk of our full back line being vulnerable under a high ball, we’ve dealt very well with him over the years.

But I think he’s right to go now. His time is up. I won’t miss him, but I can understand why others will.


Well said.

Some of the stuff on here is off the wall.


The outpouring of love from non Kerry folk is a tad stomach churning. He was a brilliant player, no doubting that, even if the ‘launching the ball into the bag man on the edge of the square’ tactic that he prospered so well from, is a bit outdated now. What bugs me, is that other counties players get called out for the shyte they get up to, so why shouldn’t he?

Ok, so every successful county has someone willing to act the b0ll0cks and that is fair enough, but I don’t see players from Tyrone, Armagh, Donegal, Dublin etc etc who have similar reputations for shitehawkery, being showered with all the love that he is.

It’s like the players who act the b0ll0x for other counties are hardmen, thugs, scumbags etc etc but when you are from Kerry, you are a warrior, a hero, a fighter, a character or whatever. The double standard would sicken ya !

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I think he s being showered with a begrudging respect as he showed the will to want to win for his team like some of our blue heroes . I recall Sean cavanagh getting applause from the hill last year . If this passes for love in your gaff jaysus…

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i suppose its a mark of the maturity we have here that we can have this thread, and for us to say “yes, we have our own” but TBH you wont find a thread on the kerry forum when a dublin player with 4 (or more) all irelands retires, and they sure as hell dont be saying “we have our own” when they tear strips off of our lads.

I remember glancing at his autobiography and the bitterness towards the end after losing the all irelands against us stunk out the easons when i had the pages open. that and the philly so-called eye gouging incident, and his running half way up the pitch to bitch at the ref at the end of the first half in 2011 is enough for me. the only thing i will miss is the chance for us to beat him one final time, ah well.


I know I’m in the minority on this but i always liked Donaghy as ive said on here before. Everyone needs a panto villain. But aside from that he was incredibly effective. Wish him all the best in his life after football.


Have a look at some of the gushing over him on Twitter.

It’s a lot more than grudging respect.

T’wud sicken yer hole.

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