Kieran Duff - Laochra Gael TG4

One of the episodes in the new series focuses on Kieran Duff


Just watching the Seamus Darby one , heard it’s great.
Opening scene , 3 different games with memorable goals scored against Dublin, then Darbys goal against Kerry. God almighty…

Jayus , didn’t know he won it in 71 & 72 , thought he was just a bit player who came on in 82.

Really enjoyed the Seamus Darby episode last night. His goal was probably the most iconic GAA moment of my lifetime anyway, although Cluxtons point in 11 comes very close!
He certainly wasn’t too bothered about his language when they interviewed him anyway :joy:


That was superb . Had crazy life after the final. Glad to hear hes doing well now .


Very good. Well put together. Laochra Gael has been very good in the past, Nice insight.

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TG4 producing a lot of decent sports stuff. RTÉ should take a few leaves out of their book.

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I’m looking forward to Dully’s Laochra Gael programme. He was a masterful footballer and he is a sound man.

An awful challenge, one of the worse I ve seen. Considering the ban Duff got for his foul in the final Mick Fitzgerald should have got the same.

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Wed. 9.30 TG4 Kieran Duff

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Very good article. Gives great perspective on realities of life when people criticize players from opposing counties for on field stuff …that football is but a small part of life with far bigger challenges.
Really looking forward to this.


This made me smile, lovely.

"What do we say about them referees?" he says, he and Mags exploding with laughter as Ciara responds with a familiar, thumbs-down gesture.

Also looking forward to this.


Very emotive article. Was delighted to read his adversaries on the field rallied behind him and his daughter in his time of need.

Tg4 deserve high praise for these documentaries. They all seem to bring the more important issues to light as well as telling the story of these players career’s


I will look forward to this one sounds like a true gentleman

What’s the gist of it? I’m not going to click on an Indo link.

Quick synopsis on what will be in the documentary tonight.

His harsh reputation as a dirty player and the run ins he had with certain individuals from Meath. It moves onto the real love of his life, his disabled daughter. How the same lads mentioned early in the article, to put it lightly, his sparring partners on the field rallied around and helped with the fundraising for his daughter. It’s worth a read


I’ll watch the show, instead. But thanks, regardless!
I’d have much more faith in anyone I hurled or played football against than in most journos, and any journo for the indo!