Knowledge is key

I’m delighted and disappointed at the same time the way the rugby lads are aware of the rules compared to our lads.


releases pin in grenade



Can’t wait for 500 posts about the rulebook again.

I’m not an expert on rugby rules but refs appear to apply the rules as set out in the rule book. The players and coaches know if a rule is broken they will get the relevant penalty.
In GAA each ref seems to have his own subset of the rule book so there is lack of consistency. It’s not that the ref doesn’t know the rules he just doesn’t run the game by the book. When a player is pulled for a specific foul in one match but gets away with it in another it’s no wonder he gets confused.
A hurler thinks a throw in is a scrum not two rivals contesting a ball socially distanced from all other players, a handpass is a release of the ball to a teammate with no visible strike of the hand. The ref may call foul on such throws once in a match but it happens so seldom the throw is now the norm and is very effective in the short game of the modern game.
Refs do not seem to apply rules because of being accused of slowing the game down.
There are several other rules not being applied so it’s no surprise the players do not know the rules.
As well as physical and skill preparation players should have to be instructed in the rules. As far as I am aware no coach sits down with players and goes through the rule book.

Show me the coach who actually knows the rules? The guys and dolls on the television dont know the rules. Too many rules are not rnforces at this stage as too many refs really dont know them. 1 hop. 2 for a throw in (hop ball?). 3 or 4 steps. …13m for these, 5m for that and 20m for the others. 5 subs. 10 min sin bin…etc etc.

Mind you Rugby referees do not heed crooked balls into the scrum at all these days …so who is perfect?