La Liga

They’re not. :thinking:


Not now , they re fairly safe after those 3 points. If real had grabbed an equaliser they be still in a relegation battle. He was just trying to annoy them .

He’s very good at that.

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He seemed to be getting a lot of racial abuse , according to the commentary. I would nt blame him trying to annoy them in this instance.

Wouldn’t condone that in any way. But he can be a right little so and so.

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There are two problems. one is racism and another is he continuously gets involved in stuff, he never stops mouthing, his team mates have to drag him away every game. He gets involved with supporters all the time, he even argues with own team mates all the time, against city he gave the manager a bollicking. In the game yesterday he singled out the abuser and they guy was taken out, two have been arrested AFAIK, but he took it out on the whole stadium. Ancelotti accused the whole stadium chanting “Mono, Mono” which is Monkey, but the truth is they were shouting Tonto, Tonto, which means Silly, ,Silly and is often chanted when a players gets himself sent off or does something stupid.
No justification for racism, but Vini tends to hide behind it at times to justify his behaviour, there are loads of other coloured players on the team that don’t seem to have the same problems week in and week out.

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Pernicious Jnr


Bit of the Balotelli’s about that lad. Real an embarrassment again. Valencia nearly up to mid table with that win ! They looked in major bother 6 weeks ago or so. Ruben Baraja the new manager. Wasn’t a bad player ! Took over from Interim manager Voro. Shows how much they’ve struggled, he’s had to step in more than once

Lots more going on here before they broke into ‘Tonto, Tonto’.

Was in Valencia in January and took myself off to see them playing Bilbao in a Copa del Rey. Couldn’t believe how far they have fallen, absolutely clueless (Gattuso in charge at the time). I think Valencia is the third biggest city in Spain, it’s a one club city, and yet they are so bad. They had a centre half would look out of his depth playing in the Phoenix Park. He was black, and even with no Spanish I sensed a racial undercurrent to the dog’s abuse he got from his own fans.

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But racism has been a problem in la liga grounds ( and other European leagues). I remember Eto walking off at one game ? Even if just one fan abused Vinicius racially surely he s justified getting pissed off.

I know there was stuffing going on, but Ancelotti clearly confused Mono with Tonto. They should simply stop the game, give a warning and if it happens again suspend the game

There are two issues, one is the racism which is inexcusable, another is Vini’s behaviour in general in football, diving, protesting, looking for cards, making gestures to the crowd, he is at it in every game.
Rarely players publicly talk about opposing players, loads of players have spoken out about him.

These 2 issues can be separated and dealt with separately. The racism is by far more serious.

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Racism isn’t acceptable regardless of the club

End of story . Any attempts to justify it are laughable

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I’ve heard a lot of stuff at local games that shocked me, but speaking to people who have grew up here they were saying it’s very common for south americans to call each other by names that would be normally classed as racist. Not condoning anything, just saying

That is true .

They are clearly chanting Tonto but before that there are clear gestures and noises that are not Tonto.

Yeah I agree. Not trying to excuse it, Vinicius jr was in the right imo .

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You have Levante in Valencia too. Johan Cruyff was with them, not a bad player