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Never knew Levante were Valencia

Speaking of Cruyff, Ian Harte spent a few seasons there.

True, but Ancelotti referred to what the stadium was chanting, it was obvious he misunderstood.

Maybe he was a bit confused and startled by the clear monkey noises and monkey gestures. Not sure what you are trying to defend here tbh. Seems like you’re trying to mitigate or something when really there is no mitigation. Maybe stop digging?

Agree fully, a big problem here is a lot of the stuff is just pure pig ignorant rather than real racism, there are still a lot of people out there that think it is just something funny.

All I am saying is that the whole stadium chanted Tonto Tonto when Vini was sent off, Carlo referred to those chants in the press conference because he thought the crowd were chanting Mono Mono, he was wrong. The reporters in the press conference told him he had clearly misunderstood
Not trying to defend anything, just explaining something that happened.

Owned by a Singapore businessman Peter Lim who the fans want out. He appointed Gary Neville who thought his genius would work . Lasted about 20 games

That’s what racism is - pig ignorance. Chanting monkey noises is real racism - real real racism.

The fact that you are continually going in about Ancelotti misunderstanding what was chanted despite the fact that everyone is aware and accepts there was widespread monkey noises and gestures is deflection - simple as. Concentrate on the racism - not the deflection.

I wouldn’t have gone on about it, if you had not posted a video that had nothing to do with the particular incident I was referring too .

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I wish that was correct but unfortunately it is not, racists are often very intelligent people who seek to gain advantage through the discrimination.

It blatant racism at play.

You have a very funny take on all this I have to say and not one I’m interested in discussing any further tbh.

My take is quite simply the game should have been stopped, the crowd warned and if they paid no intention suspend the game and let the authorities decide what to do

Think something was lost in the translation, Ancelotti said he asked Vini if he wanted to be taken off, but he said he didn’t, which he think was right, going off would be just giving into the c…ts, .

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Massive win for Valencia against RM at the weekend, probably secures their top-flite status

The problem is the reaction since the game has been knee jerk.
There have been loads of cases this year and nothing has been done, Ronaldo Araujo was called Macaque de mierda, negro de mierda etc en the Bernabeu this year, Vinicius was right beside the crowd shouting it, rather then telling them to stop he was mouthing at players, not very coherent to say the least and nothing was done by the authorities
Since Sunday there have been 7 arrests, the stand closed for 5 games, 45k fine and Vini’s red card for a clear strike wiped out.
All the other players that have been victims this year must be a little confused