League Fixtures 2019

Any idea on when the club fixtures for next season will be released? I always thought they were out in December?

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Reverse of last season.

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Hopefully they dont start as early this year

Hopefully, they start next year.

As in reverse venues?

Sure no club has entered next year’s leagues yet. No point making fixtures 'til they do

Was last season not the 1st year of a new cycle ?

League fixtures not going to be done till mid January

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I think it was alright.

What happens in the situation of promoted/relegated teams.

Say last year your 1st 3 games were against the teams that finished last, 2nd last and 3rd last (all relegated) will the first 3 this year be against the team that finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd or 3rd, 2nd and 1st in the league below?
Basically does 1st replace last? Or does 1st replace the team relegated via playoff?
@Boarddelegate1 probably the best person for that question.

Let’s worry about 2019 in 2019. Enjoy the break now.


Any Master Fixture List available for 2019 season yet lads?

iirc, it was known and released by this time last year!

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the fixture outline was released early December (17) last year, so they are pretty late with them this year

Any update on this? I assume we’ll see some type of list in the next week/2.