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I reckoned as there has been no match day revenue in 5 months all clubs be struggling but I know from comments you have a good insight there so I know you know what you are talking about.Apparently it’s a 6 figure offer from twente ( that could be 100,000 I know ). Would all Bohs players be out of contract at seasons end? If so they be mad to refuse if offer is true.

Don’t get me wrong we’re not rich but Bohs have 750 members & I think 1500 STs so that € would be already be in the bank, then with sponsors etc there are only abount 300 tkts availble to sell so while not at normal level revenue is coming in.

I think 7/8 players have 2 yr contracts, afaik Dannys contract is up in Nov so selling is a good idea, but if we dont sell & he leaves after contract is up we would get the development money cos hes U23,

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Awful news about Dundalk’s groundsman. Appears to have taken his own life.


Georgie Kelly moves from Dundalk to Pats on loan, highly touted that Dundalk sign McMillan today.

Just flicked over to Dundalk V. Pat’s on RTE2, to hear a classic ‘Colemanballs’ from George Hamilton. “Only a minute after taking the lead, Dundalk find themselves behind. Behind in the sense of conceding a goal”!. The current score is 1-1 BTW! Good man George!


His best one was "…Ireland have to contain the brothers Baggio…the Baggio brothers, of course, are not related "
And an honourable mention for " When I said they’d scored two goals, of course I meant they’d scored one "


Georgie has a good few classics one from an Ireland Spain game I think. “He’s pulling him off the Spanish manager is pulling him off”

Another one was he’s fired that shot into the net like a Wurlitzer

look up wurlitzer, its an electric piano!

Some absolute classics in here

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Kevin Keegan was in the same class as George when it came to commentary gaffes.
There be no siestas in madrid tonight.
Germans have only one player under 22 and he s 23.

"Brady’s been playing inside Platini’s shorts all night "
Sounds like a George Hamiltonism but it was Jimmy Magee

David Coleman, Juantoreno opens his legs and shows his class.

Had a great laugh reading that, there’s so many. George has a programme on Lyric on Saturday mornings…I wonder does he make gaffes like mixing up his Bach with Stravinsky or something. I just don’t like classical music enough to listen in!

Syd Waddell the darts commentator once said Jocky to the Oche, Jocky Wilson, what an athlete.

Yeh but that’s wit and charm.

Posting this here cos Paul Cook managed in the league

Really a sign of modern football when he says “my LONG affiliation with Wigan” he was there 3 years

He did also play for Wigan as well in the mid to late 80’s so that might be where he’s coming from saying he has a long association with the Latics.

Bohs 1-0 up at HT against Cork. Andre Wright after 4 mins

1-0 result