League of Ireland

Levo is not good enough for Bohs but that doesn’t improve Buckley. We won’t be a winning team with Buckley in it, He proved over his 7/8 yrs. with us that he’s nowhere near it. I simply don’t care that “he’s a nice lad” He left us twice he doesn’t merit a 3rd go at it

Police helicopters for LOI games

Must be some rate for a game

Who said he was a nice lad?

I think I’ve explained my stance.

I didn’t mean you said it but it’s constantly said by people & by the media

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Bohs stinking out the Premier a league, the sooner they find the 1st division the better😉

Would have thought with the players rovers have & the money been put into that team that you would be much more concerned by the fact they are barely getting over the finish line for the 3rd consecutive year than slagging off Bohs, SB is a bullshitter but I’m guessing you’ve worked that out already

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Bohs can only dream of a manager like Stevo Bradley.

This is all a bit like Celtic slagging Rangers. But in reverse.

I wouldn’t take him. Hes a really poor manager, how could a manager have all those players that budget, facilities, staff & backing and barely win the league. I would win the league with that squad

I was being sarcastic… Rovers are embarrassing tbh

I was genuinely confused by your post, that really went over my head,

I predict the next time he doesn’t win the league he will be sacked. They can’t sack him as long as he wins the league, but I’d say they will when he fails to win it, even them knuckle draggers must know he’s making extremely hard work of what should be an easy won league. He doesn’t deliver value for money

You probably have a valid point, I would say . But Bohs have appointed Declan Devine not sure he s the best appointment either. Rovers are waiting for Duff I think to show he can be a manager I . All a bit of a gamble.

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Shamtytown Arena?
Bellend Road?

:fishing_pole_and_fish: never been easier​:joy::joy::joy:

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Killingscarden Arena?

The whole thing including KL been sacked has been handled very badly. I’m not excited about Devine time will tell. I always say any appointment by any club is a gamble, you could give it to Pep but there’s no guarantees,

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So far Devine’s intervention looking far from messianic

He played no part in Fridays match. He only started today, I’m not expecting miracles, totally underwhelmed by his appointment

Nice, I like it. Hopefully he will create something really special.

Buckley re-signs for Bohs and back as captain too