League of Ireland

Was a peno alright. Afolabi really should be more effective for Bohs. He was with Southampton and Celtic. Could lose a few pounds . Might move a bit quicker.


I couldn’t care who wins tbh but it was a clear penalty but Bohs have been poor enough up front.

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He never got near a game for either though .

No he did nt but he was a good striker at u19 for Ireland. I think to get to the level he did he had a bit about him. Looks a bit flabby upfront for Bohs I thought. Still a young man, could offer a bit more Imo. Obviously has talent.

Shams loving being the chasing hounds to the Bohs foxes. Haven’t even had to play all that well for the two derby wins either, and no goals conceded. Long way to go but nothing not to suggest they will be in pole position soon, the dismantling of Derry was impressive. I would’ve expected the Candystripes push most for the title again.

Bohs will have alot riding on getting a win in the next clash with Shams, they’ll need to take at least 4 points off them if they’re serious about a title challenge.

League will be over a fair bit before the end .Shams squad is miles ahead of any other team .Much as I would want Bohs to challenge seriously its clear to me without a good striker the best we can get is a euro spot which would be great .

Very quiet in here. Cracking goals from Drogs last night in fairness.
Shams stadium starting to look well I must admit. Could hardly look worse than it was, concrete kit!
Surprisingly average crowd for the league leaders after a great run of results, presume this game wasn’t seen as a glamour tie? Where’s the bums on seats going to come from when the stadium has increased capacity?

Second Drogheda goal could well be goal of the season. Brilliant team goal.

Was a great goal alright .

So what’s everyone’s thoughts on Cork City fans chants? Is is acceptable?

Anyone who thinks those sort of chants are acceptable need the shit kicked out of them

Don’t remembet three players sent from the one side before. The chants about Stephen Bradley’s son were utterly vile and never acceptable. Unfortunately this kind of thing happens at soccer matches have hesrd this type of stuff in the uk not over here though.


I was reading that as being the Cork City owner who was identified as doing the chants.


People don’t know how to, use commas anymore.



Correct very commas mistake

Full stops, apostrophes are in short supply in some places too @Damothedub . Cough , cough …

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