Learning to drive

Asking for a friend :joy:

Can you practice driving in, say, Whitehall church car park there without a learner permit. Just starting someone off? Have had conflicting opinions as to whether it’s a public place or not.

Doubt very much it’s a public place - but no great value for a learner. The beach is great for the basics - brake, change gear.

But again is it not a public place???

You can’t drive onto the beach at Dollier anymore, othe than the small bit cars have access to at the Wooden Bridge end.

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Foreshore isn’t I don’t think. Once you’re not doughnutting etc you’ll be left alone - but beaches not yet open afaik. The most important tip is don’t be afraid of it.

The industrial estate across from Glasnevin Cemetery is a good spot, if you go on weekends or after 6 in the evening. Turn in where the Woodies is. Definitely a public place though.


Grand. Thanks.

Aye. The young lad just tipping around with his dad. In the evening. No cars there. Nice a slow. But police came in and said it wasn’t allowed. Yet if you go any evening you’ll see learners in there.

And the next date for a theory test in Dublin is November. FFS like.

Whitehall Church car park & Dollier have been the go to spots for Northside kids to learn the basics since Moses was a boy. Was taken there meself many moons ago. Legal or not, public space or not, it’ll still draw people in droves.

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Ah that’s just a bollix acting the jobsworth. Someone I know early on on the Covid shutdown was questioned about his movements by a Ban Garda. Some of them get very uppity with the u inform.

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Some awful types out the Malahide Road direction, hassling innocent, law abiding citizens just out for their…ahem…“walk”…cough, cough… :wink:

Yeah. I wouldn’t let it put me off if I was them. Seems very jobsworth. Was told that the last two nights there’s been at least one other car there practicing. It’s a bit bollocks alright.

Did the church not deliberately put in bollards or shorten the car park just to deter all the learner drivers? Could have sworn my instructor told me that. (Had to do all that 12 lessons shyte & sit the test when I moved back here, as I didn’t have a license before I left.)

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Nope. You can spin around no problem. It’s not a bad spot to learn at all. And I can’t see a couple of over officious guards stopping people. Have they nothing else to be doing of a Saturday night!

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Maybe they don’t want a bunch of unqualified, learner drivers all behind the wheels of cars in a small, enclosed place? Or maybe the church had a word in their ear, as they didn’t want them on their property either. Deffo remember discussing with my instructor as to why he didn’t take students there, just can’t remember the specifics.

Try one of the bigger carparks in the Phoenix Park at a quiet time. Or the Garda HQ carpark!

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Gullivers retail park shops close at 8 I think (apart from Lidl) so that would be plenty big enough with lots of room and road markings to practice.

Our estate is a test route. Half of the NS be either taking lessons or doing pre test or the test itself every day. You could be stuck behind 2 learners trying to get into the ave at morning rush hour. Since covid began the difference in the volume of traffic In the estate is incredible. The test centres need to vary their routes a bit more I think . Everyone has to learn to drive somewhere but it was at saturation point .

Agreed. The green in front of our house was a well known spot for the ‘reversing around a corner’ part of the test. Lucky old us lived right on the corner too. Absolute pain in the ballcocks around tea time, with all the learner’s out practicing.

Half of Stillorgan since Jesus was a boy learned to drive in Kilmacud church car park. Still happening, never heard of guards moving anyone on.

Jesus …
since Jesus was a boy.