Leinster Final - Dublin v Flour Bags May 28 5pm Croker

The Bags won’t be happy with the manner of their victory over Westmeath but they won and now face the Mighty Dubs. They will feel this is their best chance in years to beat Dublin having already won in the League. They have some very effective players and will pose a much tougher challenge than Me**h. I expect Dublin to win by 5-6 pts.
Dublin’s biggest problem is goals or lack thereof. This facet of our game has to improve or we haven’t a bull’s notion of winning the All Ireland.


I would wonder whether there is a desire for goals there outside of Con and maybe Cormac. Players like KK, and Rock look happier to tap over points all day.

It was very obvious on Sunday that only Con had intent on going for goal and in his case it was mostly a solo effort. All the others were more than happy to chip a point. It was like it was a tactic. I didn’t see any ‘moves’ to create goals that you had in previous years.

We can’t complain much on attacking play in the last two games but the stats show that our goal record from open play in the last 12 months is woeful

It certainly seemed like that. Keep the scoreboard ticking over kind of thing. And with 17 points in 35 minutes it was very effective. I think goals will definitely come if we play offensively like last Sunday - and we need them.

there will come a day where we need goals, and a few of them too, and the worry is some of the players are so programmed against it that it will be hard to switch.

Has Rumpole lodged an objection to the venue yet ?

Depsite the league result we should win this

Think he’s too busy moving their U.15’s Club Hurlers off Hawkfield.

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In fairness alot of Rock’s goals are very similar and had Small’s pass been better he probably would have got one on Sunday, CK has never been a goal scorer.


Dean Rock will absolutely score goals when the opportunity arises.

But we have a twelve month goal drought at the moment and maybe a few tactics around scoring them will help. We scored 17 points out of 18 shots on Sunday in ONE half which was amazing but surely a few of those chances should have been goal opportunities…

17 points out of 18 shots is phenomenal with the caveat that the opposition was beyond pathetic. Several goals should have been scored but were not. That is my biggest concern going forward. I believe however that the team is in a much better place than it was at the same stage last year and with Con and Paddy Beag back my ‘optimism meter’ is on the rise.


A few years ago there was a huge reliance on the runs from deep - McCarthy, McCaffrey, MDMA, Dermo, Kev Mac etc. breaking tackles and drawing men towards them which created space for goal opportunities. Particularly for the likes of Rock, B. Brogan and later Scully who were all intelligent enough to be in the right position at the right time for a simple finish. There are fewer players in the team now that posses that skillset which highlights the reliance on Con.

Without creating a bit of chaos in the oppositions defence it is hard to get the number of goal chances needed to put 2 or 3 into the net, realistically you need to be creating around 5 decent goal chances for that.

You would hope that in the game or two this year where a team goes toe-to-toe with Dublin the recent move to more direct play and quicker attacks will leave more space for goal chances, but when teams that have enough men behind the ball it seems that keeping the scoreboard ticking over is the best bet. The biggest concern there is that it’s pretty impossible to maintain a +90% success rate like the first half against Meath so the defence will need to be on it. With injuries back there that will be a tough ask, although they should have enough against the vast majority of teams. It’s when the inevitable shootout comes that they will be tested and you would hope the forwards revel in the space they are afforded.


We have lost some pacy players. This affects our goal-scoring potential.

I’d be more concerned about the goal chances we give up to opposition than us creating goal chances. We’ll score enough to win 95% of games but even Meath had 3-4 really good goal chances last Sunday.


Will need Howard further up the pitch later on

Heard Mc Daid may be heading off abroad to teach too unfortunately

Hopefully Dessie has brought a couple of u20s into the group for training

Despite the usual meltdown on the thread there was 3/4 very capable players on that team

Paddy Neilan named as ref

Useless referee.

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Looked very much deliberate tactic v Meath to go for points rather than goals in first half at least.
Con excepted who will do his own thing, simply because he’s that good.

Of our current forwards, outside of Con, Paddy Small is the only other player I think we have who has demonstrated he can break the tackle and create that space in a manner which previous recent players could as per @GAAIniesta above.
Problem is that to date Paddy’s scoring return is not what it could be. He has the talent.
Cormac yields a better points return than Paddy but he needs confidence and encouragement perhaps to run at players and go for shots on goals this season. He also has the talent. Hoping this run of starts for him will boost his confidence

Bar Con I sense that the fisted pass across goal for a ‘palm-in’ is a risk averse tactic that has now proven to yield diminishing returns for us.
I am OK with taking points but we do like a goal.


I think if Dessie wants to try either Clayton or Murphy or both to give us more defensive options for the AI series this is the final realistic chance to do so

A defeat isn’t fatal . Wouldn’t be ideal by any stretch but with the injuries we may have to gamble a little

The only way Kildare beat us on Sunday is if they finish the round faster with no faults. Alas, that will be in the RDS, not Croker.

There is a reason Kildare wave white flags at their matches.

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Saturday though :blush: