Leinster Football Championship 2020

We’ve been drawn to play Westmeath in Leinster quarter final next year. Venue likely to be Tullamore??. Draw for semi final to be made after quarter finals are played which is new.

Yeah it means teams won’t know if they’re on the same side of the draw as Dublin until after they win their QF.

From the Irish Times:

However there is some adjustment in that Leinster have decided to introduce a semi-final draw, to be made on the Sunday night that the quarter-final winners are known, which means the semi-finalists won’t know if they are on the Dublin side of the draw until two weeks out from that game (presuming Dublin get through, naturally).

Might keep a few intercounty lads from going to america to get paid.

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I doubt it. It’s a totally dead competition.

Why would it be played in Tullamore? Mullingar is a suitable venue. Was down for Clare and Westmeath game and was a good buzz around the town for the game.

I think Mullingar has only around a 10k capacity and has very poor surface. Game will almost certainly be fixed for Tullamore

AFAIK Portlaoise, Tullamore, Kilkenny are the only grounds mandated by the LC to stage dublin championship games outside of croke park.

Three away games next year perhaps in the championship and four or so in the league.

Dublin attendance for last few years in Portlaoise have been shocking. I’d play it in Mullingar.

You are absolutely correct, there are only four venues in Leinster considered capable of having a championship match involving Dublin footballers, Croker, Portlaoise, Kilkenny and Tullamore. Tullamore would have to be favorite due to its location near to Westmeath.

Would love a Dub game in OCP.

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If we get Carlow in the final we can have it in parnell park.

You could replace Carlow with virtually anyone bar Meath or Kildare

Any idea of when the dates of games for the Leinster championship will be out?

god knows, but we can assume it’ll be a mid may start, the all ireland is scheduled for the 30th August and if they are putting in more weeks for breaks at the end of the qualifiers and the super eights then even early may.

39,000 last time Vs Wneath, 42,000 Vs Laois two years ago.

82000 when you were sure to get a game.

It’s flogging a horse that’s not just dead but buried also.


Clumsy side-step, what you were actually saying is that a game, a final, that attracts minimum 40,000, could be played in Parnell? I’ll be generous and assume you would actually argue that it could be in another ground in Leinster. Answer is still the same and no amount of “Dublin have ruined the Leinster Championship” agenda and propoganda will allow such guff to go unanswered.
Even if you pushed it Nolan Park, if up to it, would be the wrong place for a football final and Portlaoise would patently not be up to it.

My point is that eventually the crowd will be low enough that you may well get it into Parnell. Especially if a Carlow or a Longford manage to scrape into a final. Maybe more than ten thousand people will be happy to fork out forty euro for a massacre. Fair play to them if that’s what they want to do with their money. But another recession might well put paid to that.

Carlow or Longford or Wicklow would bring a big crowd for the achievement of making a final. 40000 is still better than what Kerry-Cork, supposed great rivalry, has had recently.
People also want to see really great teams play.
Anyway provincial championships generally are long past being what they were. The expectation that they could be something more again is very unrealistic.

Or to watch some of the most skillfull footballers of the last 50 years, meeting friends and family and have a day out away from the job?