Leinster Senior Football Championship 2019

Away to Louth or Wexford in the Leinster Championship. Presuming Louth game will be Navan then if it’s them

And then Flourbags,Wicklow or Longford in the semis

I doubt Navan would be used tbh. It’s a shithole with two grassy knolls.

Drogheda probably not fit for purpose either. Presume then that would leave Tulllamore or Portlaoise unless they played in say Newry or Armagh

I don’t think they’d leave Leinster tbh. Imagine Meath and Kildare and not a decent ground between them. Wexford Park would be great. Their ground shows how innovative they are.

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Leinster championship is a total irrelevance at this stage


It’s a bit parky in the breeze though.

It’s a joke but take out Dublin and it’s competitiive. Counties like Meath and Kildare really need to up their game to try and at least give Dublin a game.

Still Munster is a bigger joke…cork and Kerry seeded and then play a final the whole country has zero interest in.

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A Leinster match in Newry or Armagh ? Will never happen .

You mean like Connaught pre-2012?

2009 Mayo won Connacht final by a point v Galway. Roscommon won in 2010 after a long famine. Mayo beat Roscommon in 2011 final by 2 points. Very Competitive.


Thanks for setting us straight :joy:

Can we go to a few games and enjoy watching some of the greatest players ever seen in a blue shirt? It’s a silly hobby I have.


Or we could just be realistic. The whole thing is a total joke at this stage. You’re entitled to your hobby. But I’d at least like some kind of a challenge. I don’t know about anyone else but I’d like there to be at least some excitement in the championship.


I think Kildare have a good chance of giving us a real game next year. They won’t beat us, but I don’t think we’ll steamroll them.

A recent Dublin selector, under Gilroy and maybe Gavin for the first few years, and 70’s legend - whose name completely escapes me this minute - who boldly predicted back in 2011 (much to Brolly’s sneering) that this team could possibly win 5,6, even 7 in a row - said in a recent interview, that he thinks Kildare (not Kerry or Mayo) will be the team to take over from Dublin in the next few years.

Kildare won’t get within ten points of Dublin next year. All that Newbridge or nowhere bullshit tells you exactly where they are at.

Got within 9 the last time.

@Roman - I think that was David Hickey.


I disagree. All that Newbridge or nowhere nonsense, finally made them realise that they’re not half bad! They should’ve beaten Galway and Kerry. In the Kerry match Kildare had nothing to play for and Kerry everything to play for, and still, they made Kerry look desperate. And Kerry, while not brilliant, are NOT desperate.

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That’s the man. Thanks!

You know, with most people I know, this Dublin team, is a thing of joy. Something to celebrate and behold. The GAA is a terrific sporting body and the games are there to be enjoyed.

I’m so glad I’m not like Alan O’Connor.


The feeling is entirely mutual Cathal.

Who’s Cathal?