Leinster SFC 2019 QF, Dublin vs Louth, O'Moore Park, Portlaoise, Saturday May 25th, 7pm

Let’s go…

Anyone dare call it ?



But interesting to see how Gavin manages it

On the one hand we want to see lads like CK, Jack, Cluxton, James , Philly, Johnny, Kevin mc getting back into it and finding championship form , but you also want lads like Andy Mcgowan, Rory, Byrne, Darren Gavin and others starting

I’d strike a balance if I were Jim - but he knows way more than me!



Great to get the Championship underway. Always helps me feel like summer has arrived (regardless of the weather). Not sure what selection he will go with, but I’d like to see Gavin given the game at midfield. Probably more important to rotate the team in the early stages. It’s quite a busy road ahead, to make the AI semifinals it will involve playing 7 times in 11 weeks. Minimising injuries will be so important.

Don’t forget that Carlow are playing Mordor at 5. Based on their last day out that could be a close game.

I think we will get the win.



This guy reffing?


Bet you Louth are delighted to be going to Portlaoise instead of Dublin. Not

I dunno Al…

Play us in a neutral venue, with a half decent chance of keeping the score somewhat respectable.


Play us in Croke Park and be on the wrong end of an unmerciful hiding.

Think this ‘it’s every lads dream to play in Croke Park’ mantra is only 100% true when you go into games with a slight chance of keeping the score respectable, if not actually winning them.

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Is it being televised?

Was hoping to go to Wexford - alas. M7 is a disaster so get there early … maybe Thursday. It’ll be interesting to see the team picked and the performance. Given Kildare & Meath’s defeats at this stage last year and their poor showing in the preliminary, it’s hard to see anyone get within 10ish. Would like to see CC, Darren Gavin, Rory and Paddy Small start.

In general the provincial championships aren’t worth a wank.

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Nope, was just thinking that for their hardy supporters going to see a likely defeat, or a chance of a one-in-a-thousand win, they’d much rather have the short spin down the M1, than have to carry on all the way to PL. Turns it into a long trip for them, engaging probably very heavy traffic between the end of the M1 and the start of the M7/Naas bypass.

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Oh I get ya now. Not like you to be talking about the transport logistics of getting to a midlands town. Agree with ya then so…:smiley:


This is key. I would add Comerford to that list. Darren Gavin could be very important over the next few years. I would also like to see Howard get a run at midfield.

Thought I heard Evan was in a cast or a sling of some sort of thing. Is he fit again

Not live.

Sunday game highlights only.

Hadn’t heard that, but I had heard that the Syls keeper had been called up into the panel. That might explain it.

Ah balls, not even live in Gaa go or whatever it’s called?

Gavin was back training with Lucan last week I heard seems odd

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