Leinster SFC 2022, Semi Final, Dublin v Meath, 15/05/2022, Croke Park

So the RCBs again…

Everyone will be tipping us to join the Flourbags in the final and hard to argue otherwise

On another point, surely they could have played the semi finals outside of Croker to get a bit of atmosphere?

Should have played in Portlaoise or Tullamore.


Apparently there was an objection to us playing Meath in Croker … and not by our opposition either.

The Flourbags ?

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Once Dublin v Meath came out knew it would probably be Croker rightly or wrongly. If it had been Westmeath we’d drawn I’d say it would have been Tullamore or Portlaoise


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The media seem to keep forgetting the premium level and box seats in Croke Park have to be sweated to make them attractive for resale. It’s funny, considering that’s where all the media and their mates hang out during games.

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It wasn’t the media objecting.

I wasn’t referring to that but to the big media fuckeroo this morning to the fixtures announcement. You’d swear they’d promised to hold it in puc the way yer man from the examiner is so pissed off about it. Maybe he should go and interview Ed Sheeran about where matches can be played.


But imagine objecting to the venue for a game you weren’t even playing in :roll_eyes:


Kildare and Westmeath objected …

Meath want to play in CP


Did they even look for their game to be moved ?

I’d say that was Westmeath’s Rumpole of The Bailey behind that.


Surely , deep down most inter county players must harbour the desire to play in Croke Park. To experience it, to say they played there. When did it become a thing to moan about playing in the best stadium in the country. Cutting off your nose to spite your face . Also listening to some in various social media outlets moaning about Croke Park as a venue for supporters , I know it can be a bit bleak when it’s only half full but I’ve been in some fairly bleak stadiums around the country half full too with absolutely shit facilities . Wooden benches to sit on if you were lucky. Croke Park has an unbelievable pitch, an abundance of designated covered seating with a great view , that you don’t have to queue outside in the rain beforehand for hours to get. It has clean toilets, access to hot food. Screens to watch replays, Hawkeye. Kids get in for €5. I don’t understand the desire to leave it empty to go somewhere inferior to prove a point


I think any player would rather play in a 75%-100% stadium with a decent pitch over a 25% full at best for Kildare/WM and 50% at best for Dublin Meath

Think they’ve really missed a trick having it in CP, both games will probably be one sided (wherever their played) but would’ve been a far better occasion in a provincial ground

Ah well


We were in a half empty ground on Saturday but it didn’t seem like it, I suppose it’s just the ginormous size of cp that makes it a bit dead, there have been plenty of games in the past that were in half empty Croker but prior to redevelopment it was a much smaller place

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On Sat? There was no atmosphere there. Crowd of 5k most of whom travelled from Dublin. What was the point of that other than giving Wexford a home game?

Think the GAA are going to have big issue getting crowds to games playing championship so early.


but it keeps rumpole of the bailey happy

Agree, it feels way too early. I can’t get on board with these times at all. Bizzare that it will be all over by the end of July.


That sure showed us, once we were taken out of the comfort of PAC, as all the bitters have been saying for many years.
If nothing else, it made the game more of a contest, and gave the locals a big occasion to enjoy, which they turned out for in their droves…

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