Leinster SFC Final 2016, Dublin v Westmeath, Croke Park, Sun July 17th @ 4pm

So Westmeath again like last year?

Watched bits and pieces of the first semi final yesterday and this could be a slog depending on our mindset but not a hope in hell that we’ll lose.

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It might not be edge of the seat excitement due to the paucity of the opposition in leinster at the moment but I still really enjoy watching this Dublin team play.

What i’d give for a championship where Dublin were pitted against the top teams in the country week in, week out, like during the league.

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Dublin will win by what they want to win by. could be 1, 10 or 19 points. Entirely up to them.

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Wouldn’t that just be another league?

It’s the way it should be played. Run the provincials off early & then get the championship run on a league basis over the summer. Better quality games on better quality pitches would hopefully lead to an all round better product.

It’s definitely time to shake off the shackles of the provincials (let’s nail the six and then the seven-in-a-row while they are thinking about it, just to set the record straight before it gets put to bed!). The qualifiers system gives everybody a second chance except the provincial winners. Where’s the justice in that? We need a system whereby everybody has the same basic amount of matches and league (or whatever it becomes) performance has a bearing on All-Ireland rankings, as in group seeding, for example.

Will anyone bother going ? Good achievement for Westmeath though . Really showing up how shite Kildare and Meath truly are .

yep, merge the league with the championship. try and devise one competition that works, rather then having two dysfunctional ones. Increase the number of games but reduce the calender time they are played over to make more room for clubs.

Why have provincials? You’d only be re running the O’Byrne Cup.

Better quality games on better quality pitches is not the issue. The appalling state of football in maybe 24-26 counties is the real problem and no amount of tinkering with the set up of the championship will change that

Because the Provinicial Councils hold all the cards, Alan. Otherwise, there will be no compromise. The O’Byrne Cup etc need to be kicked to the kerb anyway

Of course it’s not the issue but the “league” games would be much more attractive if:

a) they were played in summer instead of spring
b) they had a real reward for them i.e. All Ireland quarter finals rather than the honour of being Dublin’s April demolition victims once more

Ditch the leagues.

Have an American-style conference system. Teams play each other in their conferences and a selection of teams from other provinces. And then play-offs to decide A-I Champions.

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I think it’s quite simple.

Just scrap the O’Byrne Cup and the likes.
Play the Championship in Winter/Spring and play the league in summer.
Hand out Sam to the winners of Div 1.

The current structure is not fit for purpose and is helping kill the spirits of lads in weaker counties. There is such a big gap between the top and bottom that something radical needs to be done to help rebuild the game in the likes of Laois, Offaly etc. Now don’t get me wrong, they need to help themselves as well. They need to put the structures in place from juvenile right the way up like we have, but realistically that won’t have a major effect for 10 years. So in the short term there needs to be a valid reason to get lads out for their county and putting in the hard hours that they are being asked to do. I think the best quick fix is a league structure during the summer that gives lads a minimum amount of competitive games that they can actually win.

Same old argument every year. Can anyone show me the stats that will prove that football was more competitive 30 or 40 years ago or that the gap between the top counties and weaker counties back then was smaller. That does not mean that we can not improve things, but I just don`t go along with the idea that the gap between the counties is something new, it has always been like that and is like that in most sports.

The gap has always been there and will always be there.Like most sports. But the time and effort lads are being asked to put into the game is greater than ever before. There comes a point where lads just say this isn’t worth it. We are getting to that point and something needs to be done about it.

Agree on the time and commitment thing and it is all down through the clubs now

I know, there are plenty of lads out there playing inter and junior football simply because they can’t/won’t commit to the training at senior. I suppose it’s what it takes to succeed now in the game and there is no enjoyment in losing so it’s either put the hours in or don’t play at all.

Gap wasn’t any smaller. But what’s the point in having teams in the same competition and giving up 7 months of their life to be hockeyed. Give them something they can win. I can’t imagine there is a happier bunch at present then the Meath hurlers.

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They have something they can win, their Div in the league. In almost all knockout competitions the small are pitted against the big, as their is always a chance of a surprise or two, to an extent we have had one fairly big this year with Galway beating Mayo.
I suppose part of problem is the nature of the sport itself, it lends itself to teams getting hockeyed, it is harder to hockey a team in soccer. Just watching Italy V Spain now, if it was GAA Italy would be hammering Spain at this stage such is their dominance, but it is still only 1-0 , in GAA that dominance would more than likely be reflected on the scoreboard.