Leinster SFC Final 2017, Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Sunday July 16th, 4pm

Hate saying this but lets not beat about the bush will be interesting to see if Kildare are able to keep the losing margin below double figures

They won’t.

Some good cowards - that’s autocorrect for you … I meant forwards. But defence as weak as ever. Midfield looked good against Meath … but it was Meath.

So do they stick or twist? Get men up to support their forwards and we’ll pull them apart with counter pace. Stay defensive and we’ll patiently take more than enough scores to win. They did not become a good team overnight … I’d be disappointed if we don’t have at least 8 points to spare

Kildare’s result against Meath had alot to do with bad management by Meath, one obvious poor decision was Mc Entee having team out on pitch for an hour in 27/28 degree heat for an hours warm up immediately before kickoff, big mistake.

I think Kildare will give us a good game

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I don’t personally. I’d be surprised if we don’t notch up a double figure win.

they wont

What was the betting spread before yesterday’s game? What will it be for the Kildare game?

Mate was looking at it on Fri night - Think it was -12?

I’d say most Dublin fans would have been happy with a decent performance and a 10-14 point win. We got a very good performance and an obviously much bigger win. I am never excited about such great performances in June, however.
That said, I honestly think Dublin have a few gears to get through yet. Without wishing to look to far ahead, if the team that started yesterday had us within a point or two of Kerry in an All-Ireland final, I’d fancy our chances knowing B Brogan and Flynner were ready to be sprung.

-8 now… Hard to know!

It was 13…absolutely free money!!

They will overestimate it now for Kildare, who will set up ULTRA defensively and likely beat whatever is set.

I don’t expect a winning margin beyond 5-8 points


Think a lot know depends on how Kildare react to yesterday’s performance, IMO they would be best advised to stick to what they have been doing, but it is high risk, but if they decide to go defensive alot players will start to have doubts, it is hard to come out against a top team and play a game plan that you have not had the chance to put in practise against weaker opponents.
My gut feeling is that will go defensive and we will revert to just wearing them down.

They have a midfield that’s as good as anything out there. It’s in their interests for us to kick long

On their site they are very worried about Moolick, good player, but lacks mobility and an engine. he was a great minor, but back then he had a size advantage.

before yesterday I would have expected a tight game, not sure now as kildare will be rethinking how they play.

I expected dublin to keep their powder dry until the quarters but the connolly incident seems to have changed that

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Why would they rethink though. Westmeath were dire. As good as we played they were nearly a disgrace they were so poor .

Myself and @whatever would be on Bart’s wavelength re margin for the final and hopefully that intensity and pace off the shoulder will be a sign of things to come even allowing for Westmeath’s hari kari effort yesterday.

the attitude of the Dublin players seems to have changed from the carlow game. westmeath are a far better team then carlow yet we took them apart and kept sticking the knife in like I haven’t seen us do in a long time